PlayStation Doom: Master Edition


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PlayStation Doom: Master Edition is a hack created by Team GEC and a team of about a dozen mappers (CoTeCiO, Dark Pulse, DeXiaZ, Dragonsbretheren, DynamiteKaitorn, marver0PS, mr-around, riderr3, Saint_Guy, and Uroboros87) from the Doomworld community, aiming to backport all cut Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, and Master Levels maps, as well as add in No Rest for the Living, Xbox Doom's added maps, custom maps by John Romero, and Tom Mustaine's Doom2 Map14 Homage into PlayStation Doom and Final Doom.

Unlike the PlayStation Doom TC, this modification creates a hacked and modified version of the original game, and runs on the actual PlayStation hardware (along with emulators). The ultimate aim is to have versions of all official maps, along with some custom maps by notable creators, given the PlayStation Doom treatment, while remaining as faithful as possible given various technical limitations and omissions of PlayStation Doom (for example, no arch-viles, as the monster does not exist).

Upon loading the hack, the player is presented with a new menu, and asked if they wish to play the Doom set of levels (covering Ultimate Doom, Doom II, No Rest for the Living, Romero's maps, and the Xbox maps), or Final Doom (covering Final Doom and the Master Levels). The chosen set of levels is then loaded.

The hack also contains some quality-of-life improvements; for example, adding support for the PlayStation mouse to the original Doom levels in the future, as well as restoring a Nightmare! difficulty which is similar to the PC version (except for a lack of respawning monsters), re-enabling a VRAM Viewer cheat code, and some bugfixes related to switches and texture animations.

The current version, as of March 28, 2019, is Beta 2.1, released on October 31, 2018. The original release of Beta 2 had faulty EXEs for Final Doom and would not progress (or let you warp past) the first level, and was fixed by a new release 15 hours later. A new beta is currently planned for release in late March or early April.

Betas 1 and 2 contain a level, "New Hangar" by Team GEC, which will be removed in future releases, and serves as a testing playground for hacking the games.

Here is the list of the internal codes of PlayStation Doom.

Cheat codes: PlayStation Doom has an unused cheat code that enables a "VRAM Viewer", which the Williams team used to test the positions of textures and flats loaded in the VRAM when converting maps, and was disabled for the release of the game. In the Master Edition version, this code is reactivated.

Level information

Ultimate Doom

Level Mapper/Converter Completed?
E3M1: Hell Keep CoTeCiO Yes (Beta 1)
E3M2: Slough of Despair Team GEC Yes (Beta 1)
E3M8: Dis Dark Pulse Yes (Beta 2)
E3M9: Warrens CoTeCiO Yes (Beta 1)
E4M5: They Will Repent riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly marver0PS Yes (Beta 2)
E4M7: And Hell Followed Saint_Guy Yes (Beta 1)
E4M9: Fear Team GEC Yes (Beta 1)

Doom II

Level Mapper/Converter Completed?
MAP13: Downtown Dragonsbretheren No
MAP15: Industrial Zone Team GEC Yes (Beta 1)
MAP20: Gotcha! DeXiaZ Yes (Beta 1)
MAP24: The Chasm DynamiteKaitorn Yes (Beta 1)
MAP28: The Spirit World riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
MAP29: The Living End mr-around Yes (Beta 3)
MAP30: Icon of Sin Team GEC Yes (TBD)
MAP31: Wolfenstein Team GEC Yes (Beta 1)
MAP32: Grosse Team GEC Yes (Beta 1)

Master Levels

Level Mapper/Converter Completed?
Titan Manor (MANOR.WAD) riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
Trapped On Titan (TTRAP.WAD) DeXiaZ Yes (Beta 3)
The Garrison (GARRISON.WAD) riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
Black Tower (BLACKTWR.WAD) DeXiaZ Yes (Beta 1)
Bloodsea Keep (BLOODSEA.WAD) Dark Pulse No
Mephisto's Mausoleum (MEPHISTO.WAD) Team GEC No
The Express Elevator To Hell (TEETH.WAD) mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
Bad Dream (TEETH.WAD) DeXiaZ Yes (Beta 1)
Doom II MAP14 Homage (TWM01.WAD) Dragonsbretheren No

TNT: Evilution

Level Mapper/Converter Completed?
MAP03: Power Control Dragonsbrethren Yes (Beta 1)
MAP05: Hanger Dark Pulse Yes (Beta 3)
MAP06: Open Season Dark Pulse Yes (Beta 3)
MAP07: Prison mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP08: Metal mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP09: Stronghold riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
MAP10: Redemption riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
MAP11: Storage Facility DynamiteKaitorn Yes (Beta 1)
MAP14: Steel Works riderr3 Yes (Beta 2)
MAP15: Dead Zone mr-around No
MAP18: Mill DynamiteKaitorn Yes (Beta 2)
MAP19: Shipping/Respawning DeXiaZ No
MAP20: Central Processing mr-around No
MAP21: Administration Center mr-around & riderr3 Yes (Beta 3)
MAP22: Habitat riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
MAP25: Baron's Den riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
MAP27: Mount Pain DeXiaZ Yes (Beta 2)
MAP29: River Styx riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
MAP30: Last Call Team GEC No
MAP31: Pharaoh riderr3 Yes (Beta 2)
MAP32: Caribbean riderr3 Yes (Beta 3)

The Plutonia Experiment

Level Mapper/Converter Completed?
MAP02: Well of Souls Dragonsbrethren Yes (Beta 1)
MAP04: Caged Dragonsbrethren Yes (Beta 1)
MAP07: Caughtyard marver0PS Yes (Beta 2)
MAP08: Realm Dragonsbrethren No
MAP09: Abattoire riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
MAP11: Hunted DynamiteKaitorn Yes (Beta 1)
MAP12: Speed mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP13: The Crypt riderr3 Yes (Beta 2)
MAP14: Genesis mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP15: The Twilight mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP16: The Omen DynamiteKaitorn Yes (Beta 1)
MAP17: Compound riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
MAP18: Neurosphere Dark Pulse Yes (Beta 3)
MAP19: NME mr-around Yes (Beta 3)
MAP21: Slayer mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP22: Impossible Mission DynamiteKaitorn Yes (Beta 2)
MAP23: Tombstone riderr3 Yes (Beta 2)
MAP24: The Final Frontier riderr3 Yes (Beta 1)
MAP25: The Temple of Darkness mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP26: Bunker marver0PS Yes (Beta 3)
MAP27: Anti-Christ mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP28: The Sewers DeXiaZ Yes (Beta 1)
MAP29: Odyssey of Noises mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP30: The Gateway of Hell Team GEC No
MAP31: Cyberden DeXiaZ Yes (Beta 1)
MAP32: Go 2 It DynamiteKaitorn Yes (Beta 1)

No Rest for the Living

Level Mapper/Converter Completed?
MAP01: The Earth Base riderr3 Yes (Beta 2)
MAP02: The Pain Labs riderr3 Yes (Beta 2)
MAP03: Canyon of the Dead mr-around Yes (Beta 3)
MAP04: Hell Mountain mr-around Yes (Beta 3)
MAP05: Vivisection mr-around Yes (Beta 3)
MAP06: Inferno of Blood mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP07: Baron's Banquet mr-around Yes (Beta 3)
MAP08: Tomb of Malevolence DynamiteKaitorn Yes (Beta 2)
MAP09: March of the Demons mr-around & riderr3 Yes (Beta 3)


John Romero's maps

Level Mapper/Converter Completed?
E1M4B: Phobos Mission Control Uroboros87 Yes (Beta 1)
E1M8B: Tech Gone Bad Dark Pulse No

Xbox Doom maps

Level Mapper/Converter Completed?
E1M10: Sewers mr-around Yes (Beta 2)
MAP33: Betray DeXiaZ Yes (Beta 2)

Level order

Beta 1

Doom/Doom II/Romero Maps 
Level 1: New Hangar
Level 2: Hell Keep
Level 3: Slough of Despair
Level 4: Warrens
Level 5: They Will Repent
Level 6: And Hell Followed
Level 7: Fear
Level 8: Industrial Zone
Level 9: Gotcha!
Level 10: The Chasm
Level 11: The Spirit World
Level 12: Phobos Mission Control
Level 13: Wolfenstein
Level 14: Grosse
Final Doom/Master Levels 
Level 1: Titan Manor
Level 2: The Garrison
Level 3: Black Tower
Level 4: Bad Dream
Level 5: Power Control
Level 6: Stronghold
Level 7: Redemption
Level 8: Storage Facility
Level 9: Habitat
Level 10: Baron's Den
Level 11: River Styx
Level 12: Well of Souls
Level 13: Caged
Level 14: Abbatoire
Level 15: Hunted
Level 16: The Omen
Level 17: Compound
Level 18: The Final Frontier
Level 19: The Sewers
Level 20: Cyberden
Level 21: Go 2 It

Beta 2

New maps added to this release are marked in bold.

Doom/Doom II/XBox Maps/No Rest For The Living/Romero Maps 
Level 1: New Hangar
Level 2: Hell Keep
Level 3: Slough of Despair
Level 4: Warrens
Level 5: They Will Repent
Level 6: Against Thee Wickedly
Level 7: And Hell Followed
Level 8: Fear
Level 9: Dis
Level 10: Industrial Zone
Level 11: Gotcha!
Level 12: The Chasm
Level 13: The Spirit World
Level 14: Phobos Mission Control
Level 15: Sewers
Level 16: Betray
Level 17: The Earth Base
Level 18: The Pain Labs
Level 19: Inferno of Blood
Level 20: Tomb of Malevolence
Level 21: Wolfenstein
Level 22: Grosse
Final Doom: TNT Evilution/Master Levels 
Level 1: Titan Manor
Level 2: The Garrison
Level 3: Black Tower
Level 4: The Express Elevator To Hell
Level 5: Bad Dream
Level 6: Power Control
Level 7: Prison
Level 8: Metal
Level 9: Stronghold
Level 10: Redemption
Level 11: Storage Facility
Level 12: Steel Works
Level 13: Mill
Level 14: Habitat
Level 15: Baron's Den
Level 16: Mount Pain
Level 17: River Styx
Level 18: Pharaoh
Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment 
Level 1: Well of Souls
Level 2: Caged
Level 3: Caughtyard
Level 4: Abbatoire
Level 5: Hunted
Level 6: Speed
Level 7: The Crypt
Level 8: Genesis
Level 9: The Twilight
Level 10: The Omen
Level 11: Compound
Level 12: Slayer
Level 13: Impossible Mission
Level 14: Tombstone
Level 15: The Final Frontier
Level 16: The Temple of Darkness
Level 17: Anti-Christ
Level 18: The Sewers
Level 19: Odyssey of Noises
Level 20: Cyberden
Level 21: Go 2 It

Beta 3

Please note this is TBD until the actual release, and information is subject to change.

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