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PlayStation Doom TC is a total conversion created by fenderc01 in 2008 for GZDoom. It aims to replicate the feel and graphics of PlayStation Doom and, from 2011, Playstation Final Doom. The last version created by fenderc01 was Beta 3, but the project has continued under the lead of Scottgray and is currently in Beta 12.


  • Scottgray (Lead Programmer)
  • Omnipotus (PSX Final Doom Converter)
  • fenderc01 (Maker of PSX DOOM TC/Resources/Tester)
  • lafoxxx (Rerecorded Music/Tester)
  • unknownna (Multiple Bugfix Updates)
  • Dragonsbrethren (Updated TC Maker/Tester)
  • scalliano (Credits roll/Tester)
  • Gez (Assistance with weapon and monster coding)


  • francis247uk
  • buttspit
  • GBT3
  • Hellknight2012
  • Charu
  • nirv


After the success of the PlayStation Doom TC, a further community project was started at the end of 2012 titled "PSX Doom: The Lost Levels" - its aim is to create PSX style versions of the missing PC levels which were not available on the original PSX version of Doom/Final Doom due to the hardware constraints of the platform.

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