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* '''Leap''': Eleena can increase her jump height by holding the "jump" key.
* '''Leap''': Eleena can increase her jump height by holding the "jump" key.
* '''Training Weights''': Eleena moves much faster when she has no armor.
* '''Training Weights''': Eleena moves much faster when she has no armor.
* '''Blessing''': Lucienne's overstacks do not degenerate.
* '''Blessing''': Lucienne's armor overstack do not degenerate.
* '''Immolation''': Upon dying, Lucienne creates a powerful explosion that deals heavy damage.
* '''Immolation''': Upon dying, Lucienne creates a powerful explosion that deals heavy damage.
* '''Sixth Sense''': When Hunter aims her crosshairs at an enemy, they create a trail she can follow (PvP only).
* '''Sixth Sense''': When Hunter aims her crosshairs at an enemy, they create a trail she can follow (PvP only).

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QC: Doom Edition (QCDE)
QCDE logoQCDE logo
Authors DBThanatos, Michaelis
Ports Zandronum, GZDoom
IWAD AnyDoom
Year 2018
Link Download from ModDB (ZDoom forum thread)
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2018 Cacowards on Doomworld in the Multiplayer category!
QCDE player kills a Tactical Transfer as Kane with a Heavy Machinegun. An hourglass bonus for active ability restoration is seen on the left.

Quake Champions: Doom Edition (also known as QC: Doom Edition) is a gameplay mod based on Quake Champions featuring custom classes, weapons and monsters. It is compatible with Zandronum 3.0, GZDoom from 1.8.6 to 3.2.5, D-Touch and Delta Touch and boasts balanced gameplay across the single player, deathmatch and cooperative game modes. It was granted the Multiplayer award at the 2018 Cacowards.

Main features

  • 17 unique champions, each with their own active and passive abilities.
  • 11 weapons from Quake Champions, plus one.
  • Monsters from Doom, Doom II, Doom (2016), Quake, Quake II and Quake 4.
  • Nyx!
  • Extremely flexible difficulty: apart from traditional skill levels, different classes can be harder and easier to play in single player.
  • Damage numbers show how much damage you deal to everything. They can be switched off, too.
  • Rocket jumping, crouchsliding and nail climbing, it's almost like Defrag scene never died.
  • Zandronum 3.0 compatible. Use Doomseeker or any other server browser to find games in progress.
  • D-Touch compatible.
  • GZdoom 1.8.6 to 3.2.5 compatible.
  • Cooperative compatible. Yes, you can has healing.
  • Deathmatch compatible -- and rebalanced for this mode.
  • Duel-oriented. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, Last Man Standing, Survival compatible.


Player as Nyx snipes on fleeing airborne Kane with a railgun. The map is QCDE01: Blood Covenant by DBThanatos, a demake of the eponymous map from Quake Champions.

QCDE comes with two mapsets for Deathmatch and Last Man Standing modes: Aeon Deathmatch for QCDE (AeonQCDE.pk3) and QCDE maps (QCDEmaps1.3.pk3).

AeonQCDE is a version of AeonDM edited to contain QCDE weapons and specific map markers. QCDE maps consist of special contributions created specifically for QCDE by DBThanatos, RoosTer, MrEnchanter, Abysswalker and Ivan Dobrovski.

Champions (Playable characters)

All champions have unique health/armour caps, referred to as stacks. Champions themselves are divided into three classes:

  • Light (A.K.A. Squishies): Smaller than average hitbox, low stack, generally fast.
  • Medium: Standard doom hitbox, medium stack, medium speed.
  • Heavy (A.K.A. tanks): Big hitbox, large stack, slower movement.

The stacks are “lower” compared to Doom, and light champions seem rather fragile since they have low caps for health and armour. However, this is countered by their abilities. Light champions have ways of healing or escaping dangerous situations -- as opposed to tanks, whose abilities are more about dealing with danger face-to-face.

The fact that stacks are relatively low overall is compensated by healing items giving much more health than traditional Doom pickups, and armor being much more common. Therefore, it's possible to lose health quickly, but so long as an escape route is available, lost health can be gained back in a heartbeat.

Classes in single player

For single player, only “Medium” champions are recommended. Light Champion hitboxes are very slim, allowing them to fit through bars or other tight crevices where players aren’t supposed to fit. Conversely, Heavy Champion hitboxes are considerably bigger and won't fit in the tightest of places where the player might be expected to go. It's still possible to play any class, but if map progression is broken, the responsibility is on the player.

Regarding difficulty, playing single player or cooperative with Medium champions is playing QCDE in “normal” mode. Playing with Light champions is more of a challenge, and playing with Heavy ones is a bit on the easier side because of their large stacks.

Active and passive abilities

Abilities define the play style of the characters. For example, Kane, being inherently fast, has even greater speed during crouch-slide, which allows both to deliver firepower right into the enemy's lair and retreat, possibly using Stroyent Injection which instantly restores his health in case his plan goes awry. As the opposite example, Terminator hardly ever needs to retreat, as his ability to passively restore ammo alongside a freely triggered rocket barrage ensures that he can deal with any threat without slowing the pace.

List of Champions and abilities

29 playable classes are present:

  • Ranger (Medium) -- Dire Orb, Rocket Resistance
  • Doomslayer (Medium) -- BFG-9000, Double Jump
  • Corvus (Medium) -- Wings of Wrath, Elven Vitality
  • Bitterman (Medium) -- Power Shield, Bandoliers, Stabilized Homeostasis
  • Galen (Medium) -- Unholy Totem, Channeling
  • Duke Nukem (Medium) -- Freeze Thrower, Huge Ego
  • Sarge (Medium) -- Veteran
  • Grayson (Medium) -- Leash Thumper, Personal Dropkit, Bounty Hunter
  • Blazkowicz (Medium) -- Kraftsman, Blitz
  • Gordon Freeman (Medium) -- Antigravity Discharge, H.E.V. Suit, Extraction
  • Kane (Light) -- Stroyent Injection, Crouchslide
  • Caleb (Light) -- Life Steal, Life Essence
  • Menelkir (Light) -- Dark Servant, Hex
  • Nyx (Light) -- Ghostwalk, Walljump
  • Durandal (Light) -- Simulacrums, Unified Vitality, Infra-Chromatic Unveil
  • Lo Wang (Light) -- Nobitsura Kage, Peacock's Blessing, Tiger's Rage
  • Eleena (Light) -- Dopplegänger, Leap, Training Weights
  • Lucienne (Light) -- Cleansing Fire, Blessing, Immolation
  • Hunter (Light) -- Voodoo Guardian, Sixth Sense (PvP only), Spoils of the Hunt
  • Postal Dude (Light) -- Diseased Cow Head, Cracked Lungs, Crouch Jump
  • Terminator (Heavy) -- Barrage, Ammo Regen
  • Zedek (Heavy) -- Quietus, Cannonball, Iron Feet (PvE only)
  • Inquisitor (Heavy) -- Reflection, Thrust Dodge, Still Defense
  • Sorgaul (Heavy) -- Primal Rage, Armor Hoarder
  • Keel (Heavy) -- Grenade Swarm, Stockpile
  • Eradicator (Heavy) -- Scanner, Inductive Healing, Murderface
  • Vor Matur (Heavy) -- Horror, Excess Matter, Corrosive Blood
  • Major (Heavy) -- Air Strike, Wall Climb, Tall Lean & Mean
  • Serious Sam (Heavy) -- Complementary Ammo, Seriously Loaded, Serious Minigun

Active abilities are:

  • Dire Orb: Ranger's personal teleporter.
  • BFG-9000: Doomslayer's iconic weapon. melts armor or slows naked targets.
  • Wings of Wrath: Corvus' short flight at high speed.
  • Power Shield: Bitterman's extra armor that he can apply at any time. In coop and TDM, excess armor is dropped for allies to pick up.
  • Unholy Totem: Galen's land mine that heals allies.
  • Freeze Thrower: Duke's coolest weapon, complete with kick alternative attack. Slows down and eventually freezes enemies in place.
  • Leash Thumper: Grayson's signature attack from Bulletstorm, it lifts enemies in the air and immobilizes them temporarily.
  • Kraftsman: Blaskowicz can temporarily dual wield the Dieselkraftwerk and Laserkraftwerk from Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.
  • Antigravity Discharge: Freeman can activate a blast in his location that pushes nearby enemies and projectiles away. Its power increases with time and damage received.
  • Stroyent Injection: Kane's instant healing and speed boost.
  • Life Steal: Caleb can heal by dealing damage for a short time.
  • Dark Servant: Menelkir can summon a mighty Maulotaur to do his bidding that disappears should its summoner die.
  • Ghostwalk: Nyx can disappear into thin air and reappear silently when she's least expected. She can telefrag enemies if she reappears in their exact spot.
  • Simulacrums: Durandal can teleport fake B.o.B.'s into the arena to blindly chase opponents until they explode.
  • Nobitsura Kage: Lo Wang slashes twice with his katana, sending short-ranged energy waves that deal heavy damage.
  • Dopplegänger: Eleena can create a clone of herself to confuse and distract enemies. Using the ability a second time teleports her to the clone's location.
  • Cleansing Fire: Lucienne can shoot fireballs that can damage and increase damage taken by enemies, or heal herself and/or her allies.
  • Voodoo Guardian: Hunter summons a skull that automatically fires at enemies. In PvP, enemies hit will leave a trail for her to follow.
  • Diseased Cow Head: Postal Dude throws a cow head that creates a poisonous cloud that lingers for a while, damaging enemies and ignoring armor
  • Barrage: Terminator's torrent of homing rockets.
  • Quietus: Zedek's final option, leaves flames that continue burning for some time after the hit.
  • Reflection: Inquisitor becomes invulnerable for a duration. Use again to become a huge shield for the team.
  • Primal Rage: Sorgaul gets regeneration, extra speed, and devastating melee attacks.
  • Grenade Swarm: Keel can fire up to 5 grenades, regenerating them one by one.
  • Scanner: Eradicator can activate a display in his HUD that shows the location of enemies, powerups, and weapons.
  • Horror: Vor Matur fires a blast that blinds enemies temporarily.
  • Air Strike: Major can summon bombs that fall on locations she marks by using the "fire" key.
  • Serious Minigun: Serious Sam brings out his trademark minigun to fill enemies with lead. Hourglasses don't reduce its cooldown, but grants ammo for the minigun instead.

Passive abilities are:

  • Rocket Resilience: Ranger's natural resistance to rocket damage, helps with rocket jumps.
  • Double Jump: Doomslayer's thrusters that he can activate in mid-air.
  • Elven Vitality: Corvus regenerates health passively.
  • Bandoliers: Bitterman can always carry more ammo than other champions.
  • Stabilized Homeostasis: Bitterman's HP and armor stacks degenerate much slower.
  • Channeling: Galen restores cooldown by picking up health items.
  • Huge Ego: Duke gets more health from health pickups.
  • Veteran: Sarge has classic Quake 3 stack: spawns with 125 health that ticks down to 100, and gets up to 200 health and armor from big pickups.
  • Personal Dropkit: Grayson can refill 50% of his currently equipped weapon by holding the "use" key, at the cost of 25 armor.
  • Bounty Hunter: Grayson gets armor every time he kills an enemy.
  • Blitz: If he doesn't take damage in 3 seconds, Blaskowicz's health will quickly regenerate to the nearest multiple of 25.
  • H.E.V. Suit: Freeman receives no environmental damage. In addition, collecting LG ammo grants him armour, while collecting BFG ammo reduces his active cooldown time.
  • Extraction: When he's about to receive a lethal hit, Freeman is transported elsewhere in the map with 25 hp. This has a 60 seconds cooldown time.
  • Crouchslide: Kane can get a speed boost if he crouches at the moment when he lands from a jump.
  • Life Essence: Enemies killed by Caleb drop life essence pickups that can overstack his health.
  • Hex: Menelkir makes enemies killed drop hourglasses that restore cooldown.
  • Walljump: Nyx can jump off walls, decorations and enemies.
  • Unified Vitality: Picking up armour will refill missing portions of Durandal's health first.
  • Infra-Chromatic Unveil: Durandal can always see invisible or phase-shifting beings.
  • Peacock's Blessing: Lo Wang can quickly regenerate his health up to 60 HP by quickly tapping "right" twice and holding "use".
  • Tiger's Rage: If Lo Wang's HP is below 40, he does 30% more damage with all of his attacks.
  • Leap: Eleena can increase her jump height by holding the "jump" key.
  • Training Weights: Eleena moves much faster when she has no armor.
  • Blessing: Lucienne's armor overstack do not degenerate.
  • Immolation: Upon dying, Lucienne creates a powerful explosion that deals heavy damage.
  • Sixth Sense: When Hunter aims her crosshairs at an enemy, they create a trail she can follow (PvP only).
  • Spoils of the Hunt: When Hunter kills an enemy, she gets either a max HP, Armor or ammo increase that lasts until she dies.
  • Cracked Lungs: Postal Dude receives a +75 health overcharge upon collecting a Mega Health that doesn't decay for 40 seconds. After that time, unless he picks up another Mega Health, his overstack will quickly decay or he will take 25 hp damage if he has no overstack.
  • Crouch Jump: When jumping while crouching, Postal Dude will perform a high jump.
  • Ammo Regeneration: Terminator slowly regenerates ammo for his selected weapon. In coop and TDM, excess ammo is dropped for allies to pick up.
  • Cannonball: Zedek deals falling damage in the area where he lands from heights.
  • Iron Feet: Zedek is immune to environmental damage (PvE only)
  • Thrust Dodge: Inquisitor can accelerate in a direction by double tapping the key.
  • Still Defense: Inquisitor receives less damage when not moving.
  • Armor Hoarder: Sorgaul gets more armor from every pickup.
  • Stockpile: Keel regenerates grenades by picking up any ammunition, including that which goes with weapon pickups.
  • Murderface: Eradicator's damage increases as he kills enemies.
  • Inductive Healing: Picking up medium and large healing items will also grant Eradicator some armor.
  • Excess Matter: Vor Matur has a massive HP pool, but cannot pick up armour. He also receives less knockback from hits.
  • Corrosive Blood: Blood sprayed by Vor Matur when taking hits does damage to enemies.
  • Wall Climb: Major can climb some walls by holding the "jump" key near them.
  • Tall, Lean & Mean: Major has a smaller hitbox than other Heavy champions.
  • Complementary Ammo: Medium and large armor pickups refill ammo for Serious Sam's currently equipped weapon.
  • Seriously Loaded: Serious Sam starts with all three starting weapons.

Monster replacement

Player can use monsters from Doom, Doom 4, Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 4. More than that, players can mix and match monster sets -- for example, picking both Quake 2 and Quake 4 would be fighting against united Strogg forces.

All monsters emit damage numbers when hurt.

Monster randomization has two modes: classic, as known by the likes of Aeons of Death and other randomizer mods, and one theme per map, selecting only one of the enabled themes at random for each map.

Original soundtrack

Official soundtrack album cover

Soundtrack consists of the album Augmented of original metal music by Michael Markie and covers of songs from Doom, Quake 1 and 2 and Blood.

Excerpts have been featured as outro music for released videos, and as background music for Kane deathmatch video.

Released videos


  • Created by: DBThanatos, Michaelis
  • Sprites: Captain J, Franco Tieppo
  • Testing: Ragequit, Jckfrbn, A_D_M_E_R_A_L, Abysswalker, Ivory Duke
  • Additional testing: ElRetardo, Barbarossa, VDRK, Bryina, DoomKrakken
  • Official Soundtrack: Michael Markie
  • Permission to edit Aeon Deathmatch: Decay, Razgriz
  • QCDE maps: DBThanatos, RoosTer, MrEnchanter, Abysswalker, Ivan Dobrovski
  • Additional credits: DrPyspy, YukiHerz, DeXiaZ, Jimmy, Xaser, Breadbagfly, Chronoteeth, Mechadon

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