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Doom (2016) walkthroughs
Resource Operations

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Resource Operations, the second level of Doom (2016).



Discover the Cause
Restore facility power
Gain satellite array access
Find yellow access key
Destroy the Gore Nest
Realign the Resource Ops satellite
Go to the VEGA terminal
Stop the Meltdown
Proceed to the Foundry Airlock


As the level starts, you will be contacted by VEGA who will activate the challenge system for you (see below). Go through the door in front of you and head up the stairs to a dark hangar with possessed scientists and an imp, then force open the north door and head past some more possessed to find a staircase leading to a control panel that you can use to reset main power. Head down the stairs and use the now-active automap station then return to the hangar and use the panel on your right to open the maintenance bay doors, drop down and kill any waiting scientists then follow the walkway until you see an imp teleport in above you. Kill it along with any other imps and scientists that come round the corner, then continue following the walkway to another door that needs to be forced open; as soon as you are through, shoot the approaching possessed engineer and it should be propelled into the scientists behind it before exploding.

Go round the corner and head through the next door, which opens automatically, to enter a tall chamber with scientists and possessed soldiers followed by some imps. After killing everything, head round to the other side of the pit and go through the door here to enter a locker room; there is a health station on your left as you enter the room, and you will find the chainsaw stuck inside a corpse by the lockers. After taking the chainsaw, head through the mesh door and kill all the enemies waiting on the other side - there is a door at the other end of the hall which requires a yellow key, so interact with the terminal next to it to bring up an echo recording showing where the keyholder went. Look right to see a conveyor belt with a large crate passing across it at regular intervals; on the other side of the belt is an opening in the wall with a gas canister behind it, so carefully time your run into that opening (if you are hit by the crate you will be pushed into a fatal laser grid). Turn left and wait for the lift to come down, then ride it up and follow the vent to an armor pickup. From here you can drop down to a locked room with some more scientists before following the corridor to another door that has to be forced open.

Behind the door is a room containing a gore nest; kill the scientists around the nest before you tear out its organ, as this will cause a group of imps and soldiers to enter the room. Once all the enemies are destroyed, go down to the bottom floor and look for an elevator; you will see the recording of the keyholder wander into it. Ride the elevator up to a walkway and follow the recording past a combat support drone until you find that it came to rest against a maintenance door; take the yellow key from the corpse and quickly kill it when it tries to get up, then pull open the maintenance door and kill the scientists and imp waiting behind it. Drop through the hatch that the imp opened to return to the yellow door room, then head through this door and pass through a second doorway in front of you to find a dead soldier holding a heavy assault rifle; after taking it, use the health station to your left if you need it then use the panel next to the door to open the airlock. Enter the airlock and use the panel on your left to open the exterior door, then kill the soldiers waiting behind it before heading on to an area with lots of imps guarding a Berserk powerup. Grab the powerup and use it to destroy as many enemies as possible before it expires, then finish off the stragglers with standard weapons.

Once all the enemies are killed, continue following the path until you find a slope leading to the upper floor then go up it and look for an elevator on your left. Call the elevator then ride it up and follow the passage to a control panel that will align the satellite; Samuel Hayden will intervene and ask you to come to the VEGA terminal where he will provide you with the information you need. Take the elevator back down to ground level and kill the imps that appear, then head over to the repositioned satellite and climb up it until you reach the red struts at the top. Follow the struts to an armor pickup then head forward until you can drop down to a door marked "VEGA Server Station" which has soldiers (and possibly a possessed security) waiting behind it. Use the panel in this room to cycle the airlock and open the next door, kill any approaching scientists and imps then go into a glass booth to find a security terminal that will unlock the next door. Go through and kill the waiting scientists and soldiers then head straight forward through another door, kill some more possessed on the either side then head up the stairs to find the entrance to the VEGA terminal.

When you enter the terminal chamber, Hayden will offer you an Argent cell; take it and route it to whichever upgrade you want, then VEGA will summarize the current situation for you. Once the conversation ends, leave the chamber and go through the right-hand door to find an airlock - interact with its terminal to finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

After opening the maintenance bay door near the start, drop through it and follow the walkway until you see an imp teleport in above you. Climb up to that ledge to find a chestplate pickup then walk to the end of the crane and carefully jump over its left side to reach a ledge (if you miss you will fall into a fatal pit), then climb up one more step and turn left to find a lever that will open a square door below you. Behind this door is the middle section of Doom's E1M1: Hangar; two soldiers will teleport in as you enter the room, but you can pick up the armor bonuses here to restore some armor.


Kill two of the possessed with one trigger pull from the combat shotgun. This challenge can be easily completed by luring two possessed close and using the Explosive Blast modification for the shotgun.
Variety is the Spice of Death I
Perform five different glory kills on the possessed. The type of glory kill will depend on the angle the player faces the target; e.g., facing an enemy's back or side will trigger different glory kills.
Quite the Explorer
Find three secrets. This level has eight secrets in total; the two Doomguy collectibles and three elite guards all count for one secret each, the classic level area is the sixth, and the remaining two secrets are listed in the "special items" section below.


After restoring power and seeing the message from Olivia, jump from the top of the stairs to catch a dark overhead ledge. Turn right and crouch into a vent that leads to a secret shield pickup.

When you drop into the tunnel containing the first elite guard (see below), head straight forward to a second bloodstained hatch that you can climb up to find a secret plasma rifle. From here you can turn round to find another vent leading back to the main level.


Picture Item Unlocks Model How to find
Doomguy Doom marine Just before reaching the elevator leading to the satellite controls you will pass a bloodstained gray crate. Use it to reach the small ventilation duct above you and walk along the duct until you are outside the control booth for the satellite controls, then turn round and jump up to a second duct that you should follow round two corners. Look up and to the right for a small opening that you can climb into to get on to the roof. From here you can cross the roof until you find a vent in one corner that contains the Doomguy.
Bronzeguy Heavy assault rifle When you get to the VEGA terminal chamber, do not go inside it right away; instead, look left to see some boxes that you can climb to reach a vent. Follow the vent to find Bronzeguy.

Other items[edit]

Item How to find
Datapad #1 (Environments - Resource Operations #2) Before entering the locker room containing the chainsaw, look for a desk next to the door. The datapad is sitting on this desk.
Combat support drone Next to the corpse holding the yellow key.
Elite guard #1 After finding the yellow key, return to the room that had the door leading to the gore nest area; there is a second yellow door in this room that you can now open. Use the security terminal behind the door then go back to the entrance to the gore nest area; just before you reach the entrance, look right to see a hatch that you can now open. Beneath this hatch are some narrow tunnels that contain scientists and imps, as well as an elite guard.
Elite guard #2 After using the security console that opens the hatch leading to the first elite guard, return to where you found the yellow key to find that a door on the right is now unlocked. Follow the hallway behind it round to a vent that leads to a hangar containing a guard.
Datapad #2 (Monsters - Possessed Security #2) Sitting on a desk by the locked door leading to the VEGA terminal, next to a heavy assault rifle.
Elite guard #3 After unlocking the door to the VEGA terminal, go through it and kill any waiting enemies then turn left to find a small antechamber with a door on the left. Go through and climb up to the opening in front of you to find the elite guard being protected by an imp.
Argent cell Inside the VEGA terminal chamber. It must be taken to advance the game.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start the level outside the initial airlock and finish at the VEGA terminal.


  1. Moving along the catwalk on the lower level of the crane room.
  2. On the raised step in the combat encounter after the locker room.
  3. Moving around the gore nest room.
  4. Just after the berserk powerup (it can be blown up with a punch).
  5. In the small octagonal room just before the VEGA terminal.


  1. Opposite the door to the locker room is a panel with buttons; interact with it to stop two rapidly-moving platforms ahead and to your left. Climb up the platforms then walk to the end of the crane and jump off it to reach a collectible. Angle your jump so you land on the catwalk below.
  2. There are two large yellow supports above the area with the berserk powerup; a collectible is between them. You can get to the supports from the elevator platform, and this will also provide a shortcut to the VEGA terminal.

Tips and tricks[edit]

  • From the yellow door room, you can double-jump to the upper level of the cargo track instead of using the maintenance shaft.
  • The multiplier gauge is frozen while you are inside an elevator.
  • All kills made with the berserk powerup are classed as glory kills, earning more medals and keeping your multiplier high.
  • Instead of taking the elevator up to the satellite controls (which would require you to call it down and waste both time and your multiplier gauge), climb the vents running along the outside of the building (as if you were looking for the Doomguy figurine); there are armor shards and other items on the way that will help sustain your multiplier. After positioning the satellite, you can then go to the elevator as normal and take it down to ground level.