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* {{ig|file=levels/doom2/p-r/rrw_d201.zip|title=RRW_D201.WAD}} (Doom II variant of RRWARD01)
* [[RRW D201]] (Doom II variant of RRWARD01)
* [[RRWARD03]]
* [[RRWARD03]]

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Richard R. Ward was a prominent member of the early Doom community, beginning in 1994 up until 2004. He was the volunteer coordinator of the rec.games.computer.doom.misc Usenet group, a member of the RGCD Support Team, author of the Doom II Blue Key FAQ which was subsequently combined with Mike Newton's Red Key FAQ into the Official Doom II Key FAQ, and an author of several levels.

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Richard attained the Doom Honorific Titles rank of "Doom Master" in 1995 (Doomworld/idgames).

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