Ring of Invincibility

The Ring of Invincibility in a secret area in Heretic E1M2: The Dungeons, with the ring also displayed in the player's inventory.
The gold-tinted vision while the ring is in effect.

Valador's Ring of Invincibility is an artifact in Heretic. While wearing a Ring of Invincibility, the player is immune to all attacks and has gold-tinted vision. The effect lasts 30 seconds.

The invulnerability colormap bug can be seen while using this artifact in vanilla Heretic.

This item is included in the items percentage displayed at the end of each level.


Ring of Invincibility data
Thing type 84 (decimal), 54 (hex)
Appears in Shareware Heretic
Registered Heretic
Radius 20
Height 16
Sprite INVU
Frames 4 (A—D)
Class Item

Appearance statisticsEdit

In the IWADs the ring of invincibility is first encountered on these maps per skill level:

The IWADs contain the following numbers of rings of invincibility per skill level:

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