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Runes are demonic sigils in Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal which upgrade the Doom Slayer's intrinsic abilities.

Doom (2016) includes twelve distinct runes, each of which must be earned by finding its corresponding rune stone, a green glowing monolith bearing the runic mark, and defeating the ensuing "rune trial", a battle which occurs in a small enclosed space disconnected from other game play areas. The runes are passive permanent upgrades, but only a certain number can be equipped at a given time, based on the Praetor suit's current capabilities. A maximum of three runes can be equipped when the Slayer is at full power.

Doom Eternal includes nine distinct runes, which are unlocked by interacting with crucifixes of Maykr design. The runes can be unlocked in any order, but only one rune may be unlocked from each crucifix. The Ancient Gods, Part One added three support runes that are unlocked by completing the Slayer Gate challenges in each level.

Doom (2016)[edit]


Rune Trial Sigil Location Ability Task Mastered Ability Mastery Task
Vacuum RuneTrial - Vacuum.png Argent Facility Increases the range for absorbing dropped items. Use the combat shotgun to eliminate 15 imps before the timer expires. Trial begins with 6 seconds. Kills adds 2 seconds and glory kills add 4 seconds. Further increases the range for absorbing dropped items. Absorb 300 items.
Dazed and Confused RuneTrials Dazed&Confused.png Argent Facility Increases how long demons remain in a stagger state. Armed with the pistol, destroy 30 barrels before the timer expires. Trial begins with 6 seconds. Each barrel destroyed adds 2 seconds. Demon staggers last even longer. Perform 25 Death from Above glory kills.
Ammo Boost RuneTrials AmmoBoost.png Argent Energy Tower Increases the value of ammo received from demons and items. Use the super shotgun to eliminate 30 Unwilling before the timer expires. Trial begins with 6 seconds. Kills add 2 seconds and glory kills add 4 seconds. BFG ammo has a chance to drop from demons. Pick up 500 ammo items.
Equipment Power RuneTrials EquipmentPower.png Argent Energy Tower Increases the effectiveness of Equipment items. Armed with the combat shotgun eliminate 10 Unwilling with explosive barrel damage before the timer expires. Trial begins with 12 seconds. Each kill using barrels add 3 seconds. Further increases the effectiveness of Equipment items. Use Equipment 30 times.
Seek and Destroy RuneTrials Seek&Destroy.png Kadingir Sanctum Launch into a glory kill from much further away. Use the heavy assault rifle to weaken and perform Death from Above glory kills on 3 Hell knights before the timer expires. Trial begins with 30 seconds. Each glory kill adds 20 seconds. Increases the distance Seek and Destroy can be initiated. Glory kill 75 demons.
Savagery RuneTrials Savagery.png Kadingir Sanctum Perform glory kills faster. Kill imps with the super shotgun to allow movement for 4 seconds. Imps may be killed or spared at your discretion. Reach the altar before the timer expires. Trial begins with 5 seconds. Each kill adds 4 seconds. Further increases speed of glory kills. Perform 25 unique glory kills while Savagery is equipped.
In-Flight Mobility RuneTrials InFlightMobility.png Argent Facility (Destroyed) Provides a significant increase in control over in-air movement after a double-jump. Collect all 15 Hell Relics and reach the altar before the timer expires. Trial begins with 16 seconds. Each collected Relic adds 1 second. Applies air-control to a single jump. Kill 30 demons while mid-air.
Armored Offensive RuneTrials ArmoredOffensive.png Argent Facility (Destroyed) Glory killing demons drop armor. Use the combat shotgun to eliminate all targets before the timer expires. Health levels are critical. Use armor to survive. Trial begins with 70 seconds. No additional time is awarded. More armor drops per glory kill. Pickup 2500 points of armor.
Blood Fueled RuneTrials BloodFueled.png Advanced Research Complex Move faster for a short time after performing a glory kill. Armed with the heavy assault rifle eliminate 15 targets before the timer expires. Movement is only permitted for 3 seconds following any kill. Trial begins with 60 seconds. No additional time is awarded. Extends how long you can move faster after performing a glory kill. Kill 50 demons using the speed boost.
Intimacy is Best RuneTrials IntimacyIsBest.png Advanced Research Complex Demons become more glory kill friendly due to a high damage resistance when staggered. Use the pistol to weaken and then glory kill 8 Imps before the timer expires. Trial begins with 20 seconds. Glory killing adds 3 seconds. Demons stagger off less damage. Stagger 100 demons.
Rich Get Richer RuneTrials RichGetRicher.png Lazarus Labs Firing your standard weapons will not cost ammo when you have 100 Armor or more. Armed with the rocket launcher and using only the resources found in the area eliminate 14 targets before the timer expires. Targets will not drop resources when destroyed. Trial begins with 90 seconds. No additional time is awarded. Activate Rich Get Richer at 75 armor. Fill armor to maximum value 12 times.
Saving Throw RuneTrials SavingThrow.png Lazarus Labs Get one chance to survive a death blow and recover health. This resets on death. Armed with the Gauss cannon and using only the resources found in the area eliminate 9 targets before the timer expires. Health levels are critical and targets will not drop resources when destroyed. Trial begins with 35 seconds. Each kill adds 2 seconds. Get an additional Saving Throw per life. Kill 10 demons while Saving Throw is active.

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Rune trials occur in one of three special levels:

Intimacy is Best rune resembles Dopefish


Runes are introduced in Update 6.66, replacing hack modules. Runes now last throughout the user's life instead of being single-use items, and they are unlocked via player progression. Their effects are greatly simplified as well, as they are no longer ranked by tiers and some effects from hack modules have been combined together. Up to three loadout slots are provided to the player once unlocked, which are used to select a single rune for each match.

Runes are not available in Clan Arena and Infernal Run.

Rune Sigil Unlock Level Ability
Magnet 4 Increase item pickup radius and show display timers for standard pickups.
Armor Plating 4 Take less self-damage and spawn with +5 armor, increasing with every respawn up to +25 armor.
Demon Tracker 9 Reveals a demon's location, and gain increased movement speed when a demon is active.
Vital Signs 14 Displays enemy's health and armor status on top of their heads and also reveal ally's location.
Power Seeker 23 Gain speed boost during Power Item countdown, and track them while they are active.
Evasion 26 Gain increased movement speed when armor and health combined is less than 75%.
Scout 31 Reduce equipment cooldown by 25% and reveal enemy equipment items.
Bounty 37 Rewards extra +100 XP for every kills and +75 XP for every assists.
Retribution 39 Reveal the location of the player's killer and award +50 armor on their death. Also shows enemy health and armor bar (similar to Vital Signs) only on the specific target.
Blood Trail 44 Track wounded enemy for a short time, and briefly reveal the location of enemy players on respawn.

Doom Eternal[edit]

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You can now choose the rune that is unlocked when you find a rune's location, allowing these to be earned in any order.

Name Icon Ability
Savagery Glory kills are performed faster.
Seek and Destroy Glory kills can be performed from farther away.
Blood Fuelled Gain a speed boost after performing a glory kill.
Air Control Grants enhanced control while in the air.
Dazed and Confused Demons are staggered for longer, increasing the window of opportunity for performing glory kills.
Punch and Reave Enemies killed by the shockwave from a blood punch will drop health.
Equipment Fiend Enemies killed by equipment or under the influence of equipment will reduce the equipment cooldown time.
Chrono Strike Holding down the aim button in midair slows down time temporarily. This rune has a limited amount of energy and needs to recharge when its energy is expended.
Savage Throw Survive a death blow, slowing down time to give you a chance to recover. This rune recharges upon death.

Support runes[edit]

Added in Update 3, Support Runes take up a specialized slot and can be awarded either after clearing a Slayer Gate or finding their hidden locations.

Name Icon Ability
Desperate Punch The blood punch deals double damage when health is 75 or below.
Take Back When an Extra Life activates, killing the demon that caused it to activate within a short time will cause the Extra Life to be regained.
Break Blast Destroying a weak point generates a concussive blast.



The single-player runes of Doom (2016) are loosely based on magic sigils and diabolical seals used in goetia, as derived from various medieval grimoires and the well-known 17th century occult book, the Lesser Key of Solomon. None of the runes exactly match actual known sigils, however.