Russian Doom (2023)


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Russian Doom
Codebase International Doom v6.2.1
Developer(s) Leonid Murin (Dasperal)
Initial release 6.3 (2023-10-29, 7 months ago)
Latest release 6.3 (2023-10-29, 7 months ago)
Development status Active
Written in C
Target Platform Cross-Platform
License GNU General Public License v2
Source Repository



Russian Doom is a limit removing source port based on International Doom v6.2.1. It is developed by Leonid Murin (Dasperal). Russian Doom releases also include simultaneous releases of ports for Heretic and Hexen in one package. Russian Doom was recreated because version 7.0 of International Doom removed Russian translation and support for Heretic and Hexen. The recreation of Russian Doom was approved by Julia Nechaevskaya, the creator of the original Russian Doom, now known as International Doom, who transferred ownership of the old GitHub repository to Dasperal.[1]


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  • v6.3 was released on October 29, 2023. It is the first release.

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  1. Julia Nechaevskaya (5 November 2023). Doomworld forums post. Doomworld forums. Retrieved 5 November 2023.

Source code genealogy
Based on Name Base for
International Doom v6.2.1 Russian Doom None
International Heretic v6.1.1
International Hexen v6.0.1