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[[Image:Sabaoth001.jpg|thumb|[[Sergeant Kelly]] after his demonic conversion, Sabaoth]]
[[Image:Sabaoth001.jpg|thumb|[[Sergeant Kelly]] after his demonic conversion, Sabaoth]]
''Welcome to the mess hall, Marine.''
:''Welcome to the mess hall, Marine.''
- Sabaoth
:- Sabaoth

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Sergeant Kelly after his demonic conversion, Sabaoth
Welcome to the mess hall, Marine.
- Sabaoth
Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

Sabaoth is actually Sergeant Kelly after his transformation. Its lower extremities have been transformed into a tanklike vehicle, while the upper portion is a twisted body attached to heavy machinery armed with a very sharp claw and a BFG.

The reason for his "incident" still remains uncertain. While some affirm he was working with Betruger and the demons since the beginning (substantiated by the fact that he insisted in contacting the Earth armada to bring them to Mars, maybe knowing it would be taken over by the demons), others think he was captured, mind-enslaved and transformed by Betruger to serve him, and that his zealous attempts at contacting the fleet to get reinforcements were simply basic military logic (realizing that the battle is lost without reinforcements).

Tactical Analysis

Sabaoth is a large target with tons of hit points and enough firepower to topple even the hardiest marine. The suggested route involves running and gunning, avoiding both Sabaoth's claw and BFG shots. Unleash the Soul Cube if it is charged and then pummel it with rapid fire weapons such as the chaingun and plasma gun. The rocket launcher, proving the player can aim and fire the weapon without exposing himself to the Sabaoth too much. Getting close to the Sabaoth is unwise considering his claw and the unconfirmed possibility of running the doomguy over with his tank treads.

Another tactic involves waiting for the Sabbaoth to get out of it's garage, than quickly hitting it with a charged Soul Cube and a slavo of 5 rockets. This should topple it on Marine difficulty.


The word "Sabaoth" is Hebrew for "armies".

Sabaoth bears a strong similarity to the style of cyborg enemies (especially the tanks) seen in Quake 2.