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Title screen
Authors Korshun and Monsterovich
Port Zandronum
Year 2013
Link Zandronum forum thread

Sectorcraft is a multiplayer mod for Doom II and the Zandronum source port, originally created by Korshun and Monsterovich and first released in 2013. Heavily inspired by the video game Minecraft, Sectorcraft is a sandbox mod which allows players to alter the attributes of a grid-based map, made up of small individual sectors. Each of these sectors can be individually modified, raising or lowering it, changing its texture and color, as well as populating the map with a variety of things that can be spawned in via the appropriate tools.


As a sandbox mod, Sectorcraft has no final goal or objective, with the purpose of the mod being merely that of experimenting with the tools at the player's disposal and building structures by manipulating the sectors' properties. Because Sectorcraft is a multiplayer mod, multiple players will operate in close proximity, and can either cooperate in building or fight against eachother by manipulating the environment or summoning things. Three maps are included, which are the same except for a different size: small, medium and large.

The player's arsenal is replaced by a group of tools which allow to modify the playing field in various ways. These are:

  • Height tool: shotgun replacement, allows you to lower or raise the height of a sector
  • Light tool: chaingun replacement, increases or decreases the light level of a sector
  • Color tool: pistol replacement, it allows to set a specific color lighting using desired RGB values
  • Fade tool: super shotgun replacement, similar to the above but it is instead used to implement fog
  • Texture tool: plasma gun replacement, this allows you change a sector to use any texture or flat from a list you can pick from
  • Align tool: chainsaw replacement, allows to modify the offset of any given texture or flat
  • Paste tool: rocket launcher replacement, allows to copy&paste already existing sector values over others' quickly
  • Actor tool: fist replacement, allows the ability to spawn any thing from a list of every thing in the game, including Skulltag actors

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