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Seraphim are a species of Maykr-like beings (or an actual subspecies of the Maykrs). They serve the Father directly, unconnected to the Khan Maykr, thus possessing free will. They share many biological aspects with the Maykrs, including the overall shape, Transfiguration and abilities. All the seraphim wear cybernetic armor similiar to the Maykrs. None have been shown without it. Their masks have a single glowing eye, human-like lips and golden brain-like patterns on their heads. Seraphim cober their armor with dark red cloaks. After undergoing Transfiguration, they look like smaller versions of the Khan Maykr, having purple skin and secondary limbs which can deploy energy wings. A Seraphim has a yellow eyeball in the place of the energy sphere carried by Khans. The head features the same single eye, with dark shallow depressions where a Khan's eyes would be. All the Seraphim seem to possess great intellegence, as they were said to "create machines that hold the immense power of the universe". They seem to have a strict neutrality code, rarely directly taking part in anything and serving only the Father. The can resurrect a being through the use of this being's life energy conservated in a special life sphere. The Seraphim inhabited the Luminarium as their main residence. If someone enters the Luminarium, the Seraphim do his or her bidding, because the Father ordered them to do so to prevent a Seraphim takeover in Urdak. In the ending of The Ancient Gods, Part One, a pair of Seraphim resurrect the Nameless One by the Slayer's will.