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sfdoom (also called SF-Doom) is a source port created by Simon Howard (Fraggle) which was a forerunner of SMMU. It was derived from DOSDoom by Chi Hoang. It contained several features that would later be rewritten in SMMU, including a console, colored lighting, start map, and basic scripting. SMMU, though not directly derived from sfdoom, was intended as a rewrite of the project, and started out initially with the same name as its forerunner. After SMMU development was started, sf-doom was left abandoned.

Detailed list of new features

Note: Taken directly from SFDoom.txt

  • Translucency on various objects (imp fireballs etc) and on middle textures of 2-sided linedefs (temporary debug thing)
  • Coloured lighting through 6 new sector types (red, green, blue, 1/2 red, 1/2 green, 1/2 blue)
  • Console with several commands added including:
       -"name" - player name
       -"chasecam" - turn on chasecam
       -"autorun" - Autorun mode so you don't have to press shift :)
       -"respawnsuper" - Option to respawn super powerups (invis, invuln)
       -"map" - Change level ie. "map 23" warps to map23
       -"fov" - Change the field of view
  • New linedef types to let you activate console commands when you walk across linedefs.
  • Quake-style "start map",
  • Sound code from Boom

External links

  • SMMU webpage by Simon Howard; includes some information about sfdoom
  • sfdoom binary, 2nd release, released 5/2/1999, on Simon Howard's webpage
  • sfdoom source code, on Simon Howard's webpage
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