Shotgun (Doom 3)


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Normal damage 14 15
Headshot damage 28 30
Rate of fire (RPS) 0.75
Reload time (sec) ~1**
Ammo capacity 8
Ammo in: pack (large)/weapon 8 (16)/4
Max ammo 320
Velocity 7200 20000
Spread (°) 22 11
Ammo type Shells
First seen in Mars City Underground

* Damages are calculated per pellet. One shell fires 13 pellets.
** Reloads two shells at a time, at variable speeds around 1 second.
The shotgun of Doom 3 is a devastating close-range weapon. Due to its wide spread however, it is almost useless at long range, making it only useful for close encounters. It has a slow rate of fire, but the player can reload two shells at a time. Twice as powerful as the original shotgun (in effect doubling its function as a replacement for the classic double barrelled shotgun.) This can effectively be used on almost any enemy. Not recommended for Hell Knights, Mancubi or bosses. Zombies, Imps and Demons, along with Cacodemons, can be killed using this weapon.