Specialist Wilson

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Specialist Wilson





Unknown (most likely dead)

Only appearance

Mars City (revisited)

Voiced by

John Carmack

Specialist Wilson is a marine in Doom 3 voiced by John Carmack, heard over the radio during the Mars City Revisited level. He and his team were most likely on patrol when the invasion occurred. The whole squad was killed except Wilson. He can be heard reporting in to Sgt. Kelly, asking for orders. The Sergeant tells him to fortify his position and wait for help. The player does not hear him over the radio again. It's possible that Wilson was killed while trying to fortify or hold his position, given how many other Marines were overwhelmed or ambushed.


  • Specialist Wilson is not encountered directly, but is most likely a technology or weapons specialist, possibly a demolitionist, heavy weapons operator, or similar.
  • Possible factual error: Assuming that the Marine Corp on Mars uses the same ranking system as the real life US Marine Corp, then Wilson should be a Corporal, as the rank of Specialist is only used by the Army.