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Splatterhouse 3D
Title screen
Author Mike MacDee
Port GZDoom
Year 2019
Link The Project Download Page

Splatterhouse 3D is a 3-episode mod for Doom II using the GZDoom source port, developed and released by Mike MacDee (Impie) from 2016 through 2021. It features atmospheric maps and a plethora of weapons, powerups, and monsters based on those in the Splatterhouse franchise.

Each of the three episodes is based on one of the original Splatterhouse games, embellished by the wad author. The mod comes with a PDF manual with large sections written like the journal entries of Dr. West, detailing the weapons and monsters found throughout the game. It also comes with an older version of the Ketchup Mod for gratuitous blood splatter effects.


Episode 1: Breakup From Hell. While on a field trip for a school project, Rick and Jenny become trapped in the haunted mansion of mad occultist Dr. West. Rick is empowered by the Terror Mask to save Jenny and himself from the undead horrors reawakened by the terror deity's presence.

Episode 2: The Gate of Orpheus. Donning the Terror Mask once again, Rick seeks the home of his traitorous mentor Professor Mueller, who possesses a gateway to hell and the means to bring the ill-fated Jenny back from the dead.

Episode 3: Fall of the House of Taylor. Now a wealthy celebrity, Rick finds his family besieged by demons, zombies, and the revenants of Doctors West and Mueller. He dons the mask one last time, and attempts to settle his feud with the terror deity once and for all.

Weapons and powerups

  • Fist: Rick splatters ghouls with a powerful punch, which can be powered further by collecting the terror mask powerup.
  • Kick: Rick can usually kick ghouls in the face as his alt-fire attack. Its reach and damage are between the unpowered punch and baseball bat.
  • Baseball bat: Has a greater reach than the fist and knocks enemies back, though it does attack more slowly than the fist. It makes up for its slow attack by hitting three times per swing, potentially killing three enemies per attack.
  • Chainsaw: Rapidly shreds enemies and leaves them as piles of giblets. It's one of the few weapons that can kill zombies, which otherwise continually revive after they are killed.
  • Shotgun: One of the few ranged weapons Rick can find, which is also capable of killing multiple targets at once. Can fire both barrels at once or one at a time, but needs shotgun shells to fire.
  • Potassium bomb: Rick can throw these like grenades to gib large groups of monsters or cause insane damage to one large monster.
  • Terror blast: Rick rapidly fires deadly yellow beams of ethereal light from the Terror Mask.

In addition, Rick can collect hearts for health, tomes for willpower (armor), and terror masks for berserk punching power. If Rick is lucky enough to find Jenny's spirit it will restore him to 100% health and armor.


All of the monsters are new, based on those found in the Splatterhouse games. They use edited sprites from the original games to make the mod feel more authentic.

  • Ravenous ghoul: Grinning ghouls that charge and bite Rick. Easily killed, but often confronted in staggering numbers.
  • Shambling zombie: A slower variant of the ravenous ghoul, which is only stunned temporarily unless splattered with the chainsaw or potassium bomb. It is easy to forget they are lurking about midway through a map, so listen for their telltale moan.
  • Crimson gaunt: A blood-red ravenous ghoul variant that sometimes comes armed with a shotgun, which it drops when killed. Each crimson gaunt has a chance to drop a boreworm when killed.
  • Boreworm: Flesh-eating snakeoids that lunge at Rick and can be hard to notice or hit due to their small size.
  • Rotting horror: Purple or green undead monsters that spit vomit projectiles, often attacking as snipers. The green ones fire several projectiles in a spread.
  • Bloated hangman: Stationary undead things that sometimes spit vomit on Rick as he passes.
  • Shackled ghoul: Stationary vomit turrets that pretend to be dead until Rick turns his back. Can be difficult to spot in the dark, or to discern from the genuinely dead ones.
  • Eating machine: A giant boreworm serves as the first miniboss of the game, and can pelt their prey with a stream of bile or rip them apart with razor sharp teeth.
  • Howler: An ape-like Lovecraftian horror that is all claws and teeth. They lunge at Rick and deal horrendous damage if they latch onto him. There are green and pink variants, both dealt most effectively with the shotgun.
  • Floating head: A disembodied head that spits green slime. These can easily sneak up on Rick due to their small size and lack of alert sounds, and are equally hard to hit.
  • Ghostly stalker: The Splatterhouse equivalent to lost souls.
  • Spectral prankster: Ghostly maids that throw floating head projectiles and summon ghostly stalkers while flying through the air. After they attack, they will briefly giggle before turning invisible and repositioning themselves. They are encountered frequently after the early maps and quickly become the bane of Rick's existence.
  • Topheavy demon: A ghoul with a bloated head, usually fought alone or in pairs. It lunges at Rick to pummel him with its fists, and leaps away when damaged. If it isn't gibbed, its head will detach and continue the fight like a highly aggressive sky piranha.
  • Doppelganger: A mirror image of Rick which bursts unexpectedly out of reflective surfaces and attacks with a deadly flying kick. Never trust a mirror in a haunted house.
  • Devil baby: Giant slug-like fetus monsters that spew endless streams of vomit like a more grotesque arachnotron. Extremely slow, but hard to approach due to their constant line of fire.
  • Shrouded phantom: Eerie cloaked demons that levitate a few feet above the ground, and can fire homing projectiles or terror beams that freeze Rick in place, leaving him at the mercy of any other monsters in the room. When damaged, it will shed its cloak and become even more aggressive.
  • Hound of Tindalos: Aggressive dog-like abominations with a telltale howl. They lunge at Rick and deal tremendous damage with each bite, and sometimes spew deadly streams of vomit.


  • Bagman: Based on the Biggyman from the original arcade game, will rush Rick down and pounce him to attack with two chainsaws. Drops one of its chainsaws on death.
  • Inverted Cross: This defiled symbol will float around and pelt Rick with summoned floating heads. Drops ammo for the terror blast on death.
  • Dr. West: The mad scientist will try to take Rick down with his supply of potassium bombs and green sludge vials that burst into rotting horrors.
  • Demonic Jennifer: Mutated by Dr. West's experiments, the mindless beast will try to leap upon Rick and disembowel him with her razor-sharp claws. Putting her out of her misery is the only option.
  • Aquatic abomination: Lurks the waters around Dr. Mueller's manor. Attacks extremely quickly with its thrashing tentacles, keep your distance at all costs.
  • Mud monster: Seemingly another shambling horror guarding Mueller's manor, when the body is destroyed its head will burst free on massive spider legs. Both forms fire spreads of bile.
  • Hell guardians: Lumbering blue silhouettes that patrol the underworld, firing terror blasts at would-be intruders. Burst into ghostly stalkers upon death.
  • Dr. Mueller: Formerly Rick's college professor, the madwoman has made a pact with the netherworld for unimaginable power. She fires her own terror blasts to take Rick down and trap him in hell forever.



Other notes

  • Impie based the project on his old Splatterhouse 3D games made in Game Maker 6 -- shoddy Wolfenstein 3D clones made with a buggy 3D engine. Many levels in the mod are adapted directly from these games.
  • Rick's part of the story, and the adaptation of Mueller from Splatterhouse 2, are both based on Impie's unproduced Splatterhouse screenplays.
  • Many of the monster voices and ambient sounds come from other horror shooters such as Last Rites and System Shock 2.

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