Strife: Veteran Edition


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Veteran Edition logo.
The Original Strife: Veteran Edition is a re-release of Strife, released on December 12, 2014. It features an enhanced engine derived from Chocolate Strife but with many additional optional features, including an OpenGL renderer with support for high-resolution, widescreen display, bloom, dynamic lights, and more. Some features that were planned but were not completed in time for the original release in 1996 have been fully implemented, including a multiplayer "Capture the Chalice" game mode derived from Capture the Flag, objectives marked on the automap, a special HUD display for the mauler's torpedo mode, and so on.

The Veteran Edition also includes new content to highlight these additional features, however the original data files (STRIFE1.WAD and VOICES.WAD) have been left unchanged from the original 1.31 release, instead a new data file contains the supplemental content.

The game package is sold through Steam.



The trademark on "Strife" was allowed to lapse following the demise of Rogue Entertainment and Velocity Incorporated. In 2013, S2 Games registered the trademark for a completely different game in the multiplayer online battle arena genre. This new and unrelated Strife game explains the addition of "The Original" prefix to this re-release.