Struggle - Antaresian Legacy


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Struggle - Antaresian Legacy
Title screen
Author Seongbae Park
Port Limit-removing
Year 2018
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2018 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Struggle - Antaresian Legacy is a 32-level partial-conversion megawad for Doom II requiring a limit-removing source port. It was released by Seongbae Park (antares031) in 2018 and won of one of the 25th Annual Cacowards.

Struggle features new weapon and monster replacements via a DeHackEd patch. Some original monsters were also slightly changed. Since this WAD uses a heavily modified DeHackEd patch, it is not recommended for use with gameplay mods. Par times are based on UV max, not UV speed.


Custom items/other[edit]

  • Doom's previously nondescript clips and boxes of bullets are specified as 9mm rounds in Struggle, and grant more ammo (clips up from 10 to 12, boxes up from 50 to 60).
  • Shotgun shell pickups grant half their usual ammo, with shotgun shells reduced from 4 to 2 and boxes of shells reduced from 20 to 10.
  • Rockets and boxes of rockets have been replaced with grenades and boxes of grenades, respectively; ammo granted is unchanged.
  • Cell packs and bulk cells have been replaced with clips and boxes of .223 caliber rounds, respectively; ammo granted is unchanged.
  • The maximum carrying capacity for ammo has been decreased across the board - from 200 9mm rounds to 180 (360 with a backpack), 50 shells to 36 (72 with a backpack), 50 grenades to 18 (36 with a backpack), and 300 .223 caliber rounds to 160 (320 with a backpack).
  • The radiation shielding suit, light amplification goggles, and computer area map have all been reskinned into floating sphere artifacts like the game's other powerups. They are renamed to "Essence of Guardian", "Vision of Antaresia", and "Memories of Specter", respectively, but all function identically to their previous selves.
  • A number of messages tied to cheat codes have also been changed, often to humorous effect, such as calling the player a "sick bastard" when using IDKFA, and comparing IDCLIP to switching from a dog to a cat.

Custom weapons[edit]

With the exception of the super shotgun, every weapon in the game has been changed or outright replaced, and has received new sprites:

  • The fist is replaced with a Hammer. It is twice as strong as the vanilla punch, but swings significantly slower. Matching the new weapon, the message displayed when picking up a berserk now reads "Hammer time!".
  • The chainsaw is replaced with a power drill named the "Drill Machine". With nearly double the hit rate of the original chainsaw, it is much more effective at triggering monsters' pain states and kills them faster.
  • The pistol now fires 9mm rounds in bursts of two for overall higher damage output. It is always completely accurate.
  • The shotgun fires faster.
  • The chaingun is replaced with Dual-Wield Mode, in which the player brandishes two of the aforementioned 9mm pistols for sustained fire at a much higher rate than the chaingun.
  • The rocket launcher is replaced by a Grenade Launcher. Its rate of fire is noticeably slower, but its grenade projectiles travel faster and deal significantly more damage, sometimes able to kill Hell knights and cacodemons in a single hit.
  • The plasma gun is replaced by an Assault Rifle, which fires .223 caliber rounds as projectiles. The travel speed of these projectiles is nearly double that of vanilla plasma bolts, and their damage is also increased.
  • The BFG9000 is replaced by the Leichenfaust. Drawing from the same ammo pool as the Grenade Launcher, it uses six grenades to create an absurdly lethal explosion. Compared to the BFG, it has no pre-fire windup and lower direct projectile damage, but the tracers are enhanced with massive explosive damage that has the potential to harm - and often kill - a player who is too close to enemies hurt by it. It can be fired rapidly, but has a lengthy, uninterruptible reloading sequence whenever the fire button is released.

Custom monsters[edit]


  • The zombieman moves faster and has a lower pain chance; additionally, when it starts firing, it now never stops until it flinches, its target leaves its line of sight, or either one dies.
  • The shotgunner, chaingunner, imp, and demon all move faster and have lower pain chances, with no other changes.
  • The cacodemon's lightning-ball projectile is faster and stronger, while the cacodemon itself moves faster and has a lower pain chance.
  • The spectre is now a ghostly variant of the cacodemon, not the demon. It only has 240 health compared to a regular cacodemon's 400, and inherits the cacodemon's faster speed, superior projectile, and lower pain chance.
  • The Hell knight moves faster.
  • The arachnotron moves faster, and its attack has been changed to a hitscan chaingun.
  • The pain elemental's health has been reduced from 400 to 300, but it moves faster.
  • The lost soul's health has been reduced from 100 to 45, but there is no longer a 'windup' period before its charge attack begins.
  • The revenant now fires mini-rockets in volleys of two, which travel significantly faster than its previous missile attack but deal less damage and can never home in on the player. The revenant itself has a lower pain chance.
  • The mancubus's fireballs travel at a higher speed.
  • The spider mastermind moves faster, has had its health increased from 3000 to 3300, fires sooner when it spots the player, has a lower pain chance, and now supplements its super chaingun hitscan attack with a constant stream of Antaresia bolts.
  • The cyberdemon moves faster, and its rockets have been replaced by the player's stronger and faster grenades.


  • The Antaresia (650 health, 16.8% pain chance) replaces the baron of Hell. It is a blue serpent armed with a magical trident which allows it to fire a stream of three cacodemon lightning-balls, followed by a bright blue bolt projectile which moves at high speed and deals fearsome damage.
    • The Antaresia Elite (800 health, 3.13% pain chance) replaces the "Hanging victim, twitching (blocking)" decoration. Sturdier and faster than its inferiors, it launches tightly-packed bursts of four Antaresia bolts.
  • The Afriest (500 health, 16.02% pain chance) replaces the "Hanging victim, arms out (blocking)" decoration. It is a fast-moving, flying warlock in blue robes, which uses magic to cast a cacodemon lightning-ball, an Antaresia bolt, and a Hell knight fireball in a quick-moving barrage.
    • The Afriest Turret replaces the monster spawner. Immovable and unkillable, it fires a neverending stream of the same projectile triple-threat as the Afriest as long as the player remains in its line of sight.
    • The Afriest Statue replaces the "Hanging pair of legs (blocking)" decoration. When it spots the player, the chime of an ominous bell rings out before it disappears, transforming into a bolt of magic that summons in a random monster from another dimension.
  • The Chaingun Elite (80 health, 30.86% pain chance) replaces the Wolfenstein SS. It is a blue-clad, beret-wearing chaingunner which moves faster than its lower-tier counterparts and burst-fires volleys of four Antaresia bolts.
  • The Leviathan (10000 health, 4.3% pain chance) replaces Commander Keen. It is a huge, swift-of-foot demon sorcerer that unleashes wide, cone-shaped blasts of six mancubus fireballs. When its pain state is triggered, it summons two random monsters. An alternate version of the Leviathan, which replaces the "Hanging leg" decoration, has a 0% pain chance and therefore lacks the summoning ability.
    • The Spectroviathan (2800 health, 0% pain chance) replaces the "Skull on a pole" decoration. It is a partially-invisible version of the unflinching, summonless Leviathan variant, albeit with its health nearly quartered.
  • The Inquisitor (22400 health, 1.95% pain chance), encountered only once as the final boss in MAP30, replaces Romero's head. It is an incredibly fast, massive skull which spews an infinite torrent of mancubus projectiles.

Built-in demos[edit]

This WAD features three built-in demos. All require Doom II v1.9 to view them. The demo levels are:

Demo Level Skill Tics Length
DEMO1 MAP11: The Indomitable Mastermind 4 3799 1:48.54
DEMO2 MAP14: A Ticket from Inferno 4 6506 3:05.89
DEMO3 MAP23: Rhabdophis Tigrinus 4 7527 3:35.06

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