Super shotgun (Doom Eternal)

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Concept art of the super shotgun and the meat hook attachment.
This article is about the weapon in Doom Eternal. For other versions of this weapon, see:

The super shotgun returns as a weapon in Doom Eternal, with a design mostly the same as its Doom (2016) predecessor. One detail in which it differs is an underslung grappling hook launcher known as the meat hook (which somewhat resembles a bayonet). The Doom Slayer can fire the meat hook into demons to traverse through the environment more swiftly and to easily move closer to demons to deal maximum damage with the shotgun itself. It is likely one of the starting weapons early in the events of Doom Eternal (along with the chainsaw and heavy cannon), as the Doom Slayer is seen to have these weapons in his possession before he picks up other weapons during the reveal.

Another strictly cosmetic difference is that this weapon appears to be a cultural artifact of Argent D'Nur and bears an inscription running down the side of the barrel in a pseudo-Semitic script along with several runic motifs which were previously established as being associated with that civilization in areas such as Argent Breach and Empyrian. This may indicate that the Doom Slayer has a historical connection with this particular shotgun.

This version of the super shotgun is the first time since the pre-release versions of Doom that a weapon has been equipped with a underslung attachment or modification - the assault rifle originally intended for the game possessed a bayonet which was later replaced by the Doomguy's fists.