Supplies (Doom Eternal)


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This article is about the items in Doom Eternal. For the items in Doom (2016), see Supplies.

Supplies return in Doom Eternal as pickups that can be found placed around the battlefield, as well as small items which spawn from enemies when they are damaged or killed by glory kills, the blood punch, the flame belch, the chainsaw, and occasionally with other weapons when the player is in poor health.

Armor and health[edit]

Item Image Armor amount
Shards Eternal Supplies Armorshards.png +10
Helmet Eternal Supplies Helmet.png +30
Chestplate Eternal Supplies Chestplate.png +50
Spirit armor Doom Eternal spirit armor.jpg Maximum
Item Image Health amount
Health potion Eternal Supplies Potions.png +15
Stimpack Eternal Supplies Stimpack.png +25
Medikit Eternal Supplies Medikit.png +50
Soulsphere Doom Eternal soulsphere.jpg Maximum health and armor


Ammo type Image Weapons Supply amount
Bullets Eternal Supplies Bullets.png Heavy cannon, Chaingun +40
Shells Eternal Supplies Shells.png Combat shotgun, Super shotgun +12
Rockets Eternal Supplies Rocket.png Rocket launcher +1
Plasma cells Eternal Supplies Plasma.png Plasma rifle, Ballista +45
Argent cells Argent Cells.png BFG-9000, Unmaykr +30


Mechanic Image Recharge amount
Blood punch Eternal Supplies Blood punch refill.png +1
Chainsaw Eternal Supplies Fuel.png +1
Crucible Eternal Supplies Crucible charge.png +1
Dash Eternal Supplies Dash recharge.png +2
Hammer Sentinel Hammer charge.jpg +1