Surge DM


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Surge DM
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 1998
Link Doomworld/idgames

Surge DM is a 32 level deathmatch megawad released on Christmas Day 1998. It contains small maps designed for 1v1 duels, many being completely symmetrical layouts containing only a single room. It was organized by Nick Baker (NiGHTMARE) as a tribute to Overload Deathmatches released four months earlier in August 1998. Surge uses a custom texture set by Nick Baker for a winter castle theme. Most of the new textures are modifications of original artwork by Ola Björling found in Overload and The Darkening.

A sequel megawad Surge DM II for Boom compatible source ports followed in August 2000.


Levels for the WAD were made by:

Textures for the WAD were assembled by:

  • Nick Baker (NiGHTMARE)



  • MAP01: Dead Right by Nick Baker
  • MAP02: Center of Attention by Mike Watson
  • MAP03: Supersonic by Yashar Garibzadeh
  • MAP04: Darkest Days by Mike Watson
  • MAP05: Medevil by Jesse Myers
  • MAP06: Hangman by Nick Baker
  • MAP07: Impossible Pain by Mike Watson
  • MAP08: Shred by Martin Friberg
  • MAP09: Bloodshot by Mike Watson
  • MAP10: Square O' Death by David Gevert
  • MAP11: Intense by Yashar Garibzadeh
  • MAP12: Tombstone by Nick Baker
  • MAP13: Tower of the Decaying by Qingshuo Wang
  • MAP14: Speed by Michael Reid
  • MAP15: Overkill by Mike Watson
    • MAP31: Heat by Nick Baker
    • MAP32: Death Flight by Mike Watson
  • MAP16: X Squared by David Gevert
  • MAP17: Battlefields by Yashar Garibzadeh
  • MAP18: Shameless Destruction by Mike Watson
  • MAP19: Arena of Fire by Nick Baker
  • MAP20: Singe by Martin Friberg
  • MAP21: Close Quarters by Mike Watson
  • MAP22: Skin by Yashar Garibzadeh and Martin Friberg
  • MAP23: Top of the World by Yashar Garibzadeh
  • MAP24: Aurikan's Theatre by Jesse Myers
  • MAP25: Hidden Pain by Mike Watson and Nick Baker
  • MAP26: Catafrag by Nick Baker
  • MAP27: Dance in the Darkness by Yashar Garibzadeh
  • MAP28: Head Rush by Mike Watson
  • MAP29: Blow Through by David Gevert
  • MAP30: Storm Pipes by Nick Baker


Each level has custom music, noted as "freeware music from the net". However individual song titles and sources are not provided and the WAD music lumps in Doom's MUS format are missing metadata.

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