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Whew.  :>   The start of a long article, I hope — newbies are a somewhat underserved population around here.  I was inspired by this conversation (and considering the sheer number of gaming sites in existence, I think we're damn lucky that that person stayed long enough to shout at us).

I'm hoping that, eventually, this can absorb How to play Doom on Windows XP.  The information in that article about Doom95 bugs can be moved to Doom95 (and maybe cross-referenced also, as with Intermission screen).

I can only test a few of these myself; the graphics card on my Performa just broke.  :D    But I can do Windows XP, Mac OS 9, and Linux (RHEL 4.0), and maybe Windows 2000 and Mac OS X.

Most of the links at the end are to pages which already exist.  But I agree with Jdowland that the editing tutorials are still very incomplete, and I think that if we keep this article, we also need one on configuring network games (which is a far more complex topic than just buying the Collector's Edition for US$15 on ebay).  Conceivably, in the far future, we could also write tutorial articles about general solo strategy and particular speedrunning styles.

Opinions?  Ideas?  Flames?     Ryan W 05:26, 31 January 2006 (UTC)