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*[[Reclamation]] (deathmatch megawad) ({{ig|id=10100}})
*[[Reclamation]] (deathmatch megawad) ({{ig|id=10100}})
*[[The Return]] (resource [[WAD]]) ({{ig|id=10442}})
*[[The Return]] (resource [[WAD]]) ({{ig|id=10442}})
*Doom2000 Hub 1 ({{ig|id=10530}})
=== 2003 ===
=== 2003 ===

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TeamTNT is a group of mappers that created the TNT: Evilution episode of Final Doom, as well as several free level packs for Doom II, including Icarus, Eternal Doom, and Daedalus. Most of TeamTNT has split up, but some members are still around. They have also created the Boom source port. TeamTNT was lead by founder Ty Halderman. "TNT" was originally short for "The New Technology;" references to the phrase can be found in various Usenet postings.










TeamTNT were at the center of one of the largest controversies in Doom history. Evilution was developed with the expectation that it would be a free megawad, as was the standard practice at the time. When id bought it out as the basis of Final Doom (possibly the first instance of a third-party modification being bought out by the first-party publisher), many members of the Doom community at the time (principally based on Usenet) considered this to be in some way unacceptable. The practice of selling mods has since become entrenched and accepted in all gaming communities, but at the time the debate over whether this should be accepted was heated. TeamTNT were snubbed by a sizable minority of players for some years after the incident.

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