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<span title="{{#if:{{{4|}}}|Archived at {{{4}}};&nbsp;|}}Original URL: {{{1}}}">{{#if:{{{2|}}}|[{{{3}}} {{{2}}}]|[{{{3}}} {{{1}}}]}}</span> {{ArchivedAt|{{{4|}}}}}<noinclude>
<span title="Original URL: {{{1}}}">{{#if:{{{2|}}}|[{{{3}}} {{{2}}}]|[{{{3}}} {{{1}}}]}}</span> {{ArchivedAt|{{{4|}}}}}<noinclude>

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[{{{3}}} {{{1}}}] (archived 🗺)


Archive an external link.


  1. Original URL (required)
  2. Title for link (optional, may leave empty)
  3. Archival site URL (required)
  4. Name of archival site (ie., archive.org) (optional)