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Base class template for article-top information boxes.


  • icon: Name of a file to display as an icon (optional). If provided, iconpos and iconsize are required. Must be floating if tc is specified.
    • iconsize: Size of icon. Required if an icon is specified.
    • iconpos: Floating or inline position of icon. Required if an icon is specified.
  • classes: Extra CSS class(es) to apply. "boilerplate" is always applied.
  • id: HTML entity id to apply; default none. This should be unique per descendent template.
  • width: CSS width to apply. Default is unspecified and will fill the article width minus the default margins. Will not exceed 90% of article width.
  • margins: CSS margins. Default: 0 auto 1.5em auto. Do not include whitespace, br tags, etc after a descendant template transclusion! Change the bottom margin instead if extra space between the box and article content is desired.
  • textalign: CSS text alignment. Default is center.
  • padding: CSS padding inside infobox. Default: 0 1em.
  • border: CSS border styling. Default: 1px solid. Do not include color; color is determined by the colorscheme parameter.
  • colorscheme: Determines background and border color. Possible values:
    • info: Baby blue
    • warning: Warning red
    • dead: Dead gray
    • gray: Neutral gray
    • parchment: Parchment tan. This is the default.
    • royalblue: Royal blue
    • easter: Easter egg
    • purple: Purple
    • lilac: Lilac
    • orange: Orange
    • clearred: Clear Red
    • camel: Camel
  • textstyle: CSS style to apply to text. Default none.
  • content: Place content of descendent template here. Deprecated. Use fullcontent instead.
  • fullcontent: Alternatively to use of content, specify the entire contents of the infobox using this parameter.