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Commons-emblem-copyright.svg This is an image of cover art for a third-party modification commercial compilation. Portions of the design and artwork depicted in the image may be under the copyrights of id Software, Raven Software, other companies, or their licensees and distributors, while original elements may be under the copyright of the compilation's original publisher. These images are displayed here under "fair use". The creator of the image claims no additional copyright on the composition of the image. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Presentation of this image on the Doom Wiki at DoomWiki.org does not imply endorsement of the depicted product, nor endorsement of DoomWiki.org by the owners of the depicted product.

It is believed that the use of a limited number of low-resolution images of such cover art in the Doom Wiki qualifies as fair use because:

  • No freely licensed alternative exists or could conceivably be created.
  • The image is used to convey ideas which cannot be adequately represented by text alone, as part of a scholarly discussion about some aspect of the game. The image is never used in a purely decorative manner.
  • The graphics are unmodified from their original form, possibly excepting simple labeling and scaling.
  • For each image on the Doom Wiki, an associated description page attributes its source and details the rationale for fair use of copyrighted material. This description page is easily accessible whenever the image is presented in an article.