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Add a screenshot and caption
Author Unknown
Port Vanilla Doom
IWAD Unknown
Year N/A
Link N/A

Infobox for the upper right corner of a mod article. All parameters are optional, although most should be obvious from the file and readme.

  • name: Mod title; defaults to the page name. (Thus, do not use this template for maps within a multi-map WAD.)
  • author: Author, if there is only one.
  • authors: Authors, if multiple. Ignored if author is populated.
  • screenshot: File name (without File: prefix) of a TITLEPIC or other representative screenshot uploaded to the wiki.
  • caption: Screenshot caption. If undefined, a specified screenshot is expected to be the title screen.
  • port: Intended port; defaults to vanilla. Do not include a version number, as the template will attempt to link to the port article.
  • port2: Other port with which the mod is compatible (if not implied by port, e.g. do not put "GZDoom" for every Boom compatible file).
  • iwad: Intended IWAD for play. Use game titles, e.g. "Hexen", not "HEXEN.WAD".
  • iwad2: Secondary intended IWAD for play, if appropriate.
  • year: Year of release.
  • link: External download link. Use only maintained archives (such as /idgames), not temporary sharing services.
  • top: If the mod was recognized in the Top 100 WADs of All Time, enter the year.
  • caco: If the mod received a Cacoward, enter the year.
  • ru: (true/false) The Cacoward was a runner-up.
  • hm: (true/false) Received an honorable mention or general recommendation at that year's Cacowards.
  • category: Special prize category for Cacowards, if applicable.
  • type: General type. The template will attempt to auto-categorize based on this; the default is a general PWAD without maps.
    m: Megawad
    l: Single-level WAD
    u: Multilevel WAD
    e: Episode WAD
    d: Demonstration WAD created specifically for the wiki
    g: Gameplay mod
    n: Multiplayer mod
    p: Partial conversion
    t: Total conversion
    s: Soundtrack pack
    x: TeXture pack

|author=The Innocent Crew
|iwad=Doom II
|link={{idgames|file=levels/doom2/m-o/obtic11|title=Obituary 1.1}}

produces the box seen here.

This template automatically adds category tags for these parameters: author, iwad, port/port2, type, top, caco/ru/hm, year.