The Ancient Gods, Part One


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Teaser trailer for The Ancient Gods, Part One
Official trailer
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The Ancient Gods, Part One is the first single-player downloadable content expansion for Doom Eternal, and is currently available as a pre-order item to purchasers of the Year One Pass. While some details appeared on the Steam store page for the season pass previously, the expansion was officially announced by Bethesda during the QuakeCon at Home stream on Twitch on August 7, 2020, with release of a teaser trailer. A full reveal is scheduled to follow during the GamesCom Opening Night Live event on August 27.[1]

It is scheduled for release on October 20, 2020.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

Following the Doom Slayer's defeat of the Khan Maykr and the Icon of Sin and the salvation of Earth, the Slayer returns to Urdak to find the former paradise in ruins and under the control of Hell's demons. The Father, now fully restored, recognizes that the Slayer has returned to restore order to Urdak and end what he refers to as a "threat to all of (his) creations."

The Seraphim will also play a major role, and he claims that it is time for the Slayer to "serve the gods once again".

Spoilers end here.

New enemies

Some new enemies have appeared in promotional materials for the expansion, but few details are currently available:

  • Fallen Maykr angels wearing red armor and possessing demonic horns, able to fly and attack with their staves. They can charge up their energy in a cruciform display. Unlike the normal angels, their faces are exposed.
  • A ghostly "nightmare" variant of the summoner from Doom (2016). It is seen bursting out of the corpse of a tyrant empowered with blue energy, particularly visible glowing from its eyes. It was shown to possess a Soldier (Blaster).
  • An unknown gigantic demon roughly the size of the Icon of Sin, but with differently shaped horns and a missing eye. Possibly a resurrected Titan from 2016, since that (or a very similiar) titan's images were shown in the trailer before this demon.


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