The Darkening


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The Darkening Episode 1: The Nameless Project contains twenty-two maps, split equally between single and multiplayer.


Singleplayer (DARKEN.WAD)

Multiplayer (DARKDM.WAD)

  • MAP01: The Spine of Evil by Jan Van der Veken
  • MAP02: Devil's Dungeon by Jan Van der Veken
  • MAP03: Quake DM (a.k.a. Fragmentation) by Travers Dunne
  • MAP04: Relentless Until Death by Travers Dunne
  • MAP05: Sulphur by Jan Van der Veken
  • MAP06: Return to the Realms by Nick Baker
  • MAP07: Valley of the Lost by Travers Dunne and Nick Baker
  • MAP08: Vertigo by Jan Van der Veken
  • MAP09: Interrogation Central by Jan Van der Veken
  • MAP10: Death Awaits 6ft. Under Earth by Travers Dunne
  • MAP11: Stone Tyrant by Adam Windsor


1. ^  Originally appeared in STRAIN.
2. ^  Originally appeared in Memento Mori II.
3. ^  Originally appeared in Doom.
4. ^  Originally appeared in The Talosian Incident.
5. ^  Originally appeared in Requiem.
6. ^  Arrangement of Icarus: Alien Vanguard theme; originally appeared on the official Icarus website.

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