The Gaulheim Hit


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The Gaulheim Hit is the first episode of Project Einherjar. It introduces the core enemies of the mod, and the Einherjar super soldier project around which the plot revolves.


The player takes control of Juno in the post-nuclear nation of Midgard, which stores its male population like cattle in "Valhalla" facilities. Under direct orders from the government, Juno has begrudgingly rounded up all known homosexual males in her Valhalla and delivered them personally to Gaulheim, to be experimented on by the homophobic Dr. Gaul. The Sheriff, Thea Skuld, turns out to be the only other surviving member of Juno's commando unit, the Ghost Lions, thought to have died with the others in a botched operation. Juno is aloof around the brutal woman and declines her offer to have a drink with her.

Juno is about to leave the city when she discovers Thello, a young male who escaped Gaul's labs, hiding in her truck. Terrified, he explains that Gaul is turning the men into mindless super-soldiers as part of a coup to take over the government. He is then recaptured after Juno has a violent exchange with the constables. When she returns to the capital, Juno reports the conspiracy to her superior Ruthless Ruth Bowie, who confirms that Dr. Gaul had once conceived a super soldier project called "Einherjar" many years ago. Unfortunately Gaul is too well connected to move against officially. Instead, Juno is given permission to discreetly liquidate Dr. Gaul and her super-soldier program while a blizzard cuts Gaulheim off from the rest of civilization.


Episode 1: The Gaulheim Hit


Shieldmaiden. A beret-wearing army recruit armed with a pistol, the lowest form of opposition. She mostly flees from combat at the first sign of trouble, making her dangerous in her own right: odds are she'll flee into the next room and alert more dangerous enemies to Juno's presence. She talks like a skittish valley girl.

Stepchild. A redheaded soldier that appears frequently in gangs or ambushes, and aggressively attacks with an auto-shotgun. She mocks Juno during combat and usually dodges or flees when injured.

Amazon Commando. The tough and nimble big sister to the Shieldmaiden, packing a Gungnir rifle and refusing to flee from combat. She often spouts battle cries and generally behaves like a right-wing zealot.

Fratboy. A male guard and laborer armed with a tazer, behaving much like the imp in every respect, except that his projectile is faster. He is a smug, boorish bully, and when injured enough he fires three energy balls and doubles his move speed.

MommyBot. A flying robot that sedates intruders. It is the first enemy Juno encounters that attacks with morphine darts, which poison Juno and slow her movement. It speaks in a soft, sweet digitally generated voice and chastizes Juno like a nanny to a naughty child.

Fenris. Albino attack dog that lunges at Juno and bites ferociously. Their small size and speedy movement makes them very hard to hit.

Jotunheim Vampire Doc. Arrogant mad scientist that speaks with a foreign accent, fires morphine darts from a tranquilizer pistol, and flees from combat. She is physically the weakest enemy in the game (next to Administrators), dying from 1-2 pistol shots. She can be useful to Juno in emergencies since she always drops a stimpack when killed.

Administrator. Basically shootable furniture that bleeds and sometimes carries keys or other important items. The administrator comes in the form of either blood-soaked Vampire Surgeons, who merely put up their hands and hope not to get shot; or black-coated Valkyrie Captains, who may do the same, or may draw a pistol and open fire.

Juggernaut. Masked, snarling, four-armed hulk that charges Juno and tries to pulverize her with its fists. It is the precursor to a finished Einherjar and frequently appears in large numbers. It also has no active sounds, so it can sneak up on Juno easily.

Einherjar. A human tank that serves as a boss monster on several maps. It shouts at Juno in a hideous, distorted voice and attacks with Gatling guns and seeker missiles.

Vargstein Sisters. Three hulking amazon women in heavy body armor with twin machine guns. Juno almost always needs to defeat one or more of them to progress in some way.

Thea Skuld. Sheriff of Gaulheim, encountered as an optional boss on Map06: Sorority of Pain, where she guards the armory key. She attacks with a modified rocket gun that fires small seekers and large Dessler rockets that kill in one hit. She later appears as a major villain in Episodes 3 and 5, making her the only villain to survive an encounter with Juno.

Dr. Gaul. The main villain and final boss of Episode 1. She resembles Miss Trunchbull from Madeline: a big, cackling brute of a woman with her hair in a bun. She attacks by firing missiles from a Dessler Frag Cannon and follows up with armor-shredding bullets: either attack is capable of killing Juno very quickly. She is briefly seen in an observation booth on Map05: Garden of Calm, watching Juno battle the first Einherjar.