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Doom (2016) walkthroughs
Titan's Realm

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Titan's Realm, the tenth level of Doom (2016).



Reclaim the Crucible
Pass through the Titan's Core


Head forward to the Titan skull in front of you and drop down the deep hole inside it to land in an open area with some cacodemons. Head up two flights of stairs and kill a cyber-mancubus waiting at the top then go through a large doorway to enter a temple with more cacodemons and some lost souls. Cross the bridge and head through the gate on your left to reach a junction with lost souls, an imp and a Hell razer then follow the path on your right to find a shield pickup; taking it will cause two Hell knights to teleport in, as well as revealing a skull switch and some Unwilling behind you. Escape the ambush and push the switch, then go back to the junction to find a mancubus guarding a gate which will open after it dies. Go through the gate to enter a multi-level arena that includes imps and a mancubus followed by a cyber-mancubus, revenants and knights; use the Haste powerup on the top floor to help you. Killing all the enemies will open a caged teleporter on the middle level - step into it to reach a passage just under your previous position.

Collect the ammo on your left then head into another arena that starts with imps and a mancubus followed by cyber-mancubi, revenants, knights and then two barons of Hell; use the quad damage powerup behind the first mancubus to turn the tables. Clearing the arena will open another green teleporter near the quad damage powerup; step into it and use the automap station in front of you then follow the tunnel to a wide hallway guarded by lost souls before continuing to a blood pool guarded by razers and Unwilling. There is a blue door in this area; approach it and turn left to see a jump pad that will propel you to the floor above, step across to the stone pillar on your left then jump across the blood pool to reach a chestplate pickup in front of a wooden gate. The gate will open allowing you to take the yellow skull key behind it, but taking this item will cause the ceiling to start lowering towards you; wait for the wall opposite the yellow skull to open and step inside it to evade the trap, then head through the next gate to drop into a room with toxic slime.

The yellow door ahead of you will be sealed, so head down the slope on your left to find another room full of slime as well as Unwilling. Grab the invulnerability powerup between the two central walls so you can traverse this area safely, then head to the back of the room to find an elite guard and a skull switch; push the switch and kill two mancubi that are released near the room entrance, then go back up to the yellow door area and dispose of some pinkies that teleport in to unseal the yellow door. Use the yellow key in this door and approach the skull switch behind it; some stairs will form and take you down to an arena with mancubi, revenants, imps and knights as well as a cyber-mancubus. After clearing the arena, note the crushing block that falls on to the bridge at regular intervals - jump on top of the block as it lands and it will carry you up to a skull switch that will open a wooden door below. Head through the door to find a caged teleporter and turn left to see a seemingly empty hall leading to the blue skull key. When you take the key and go back down the steps, the entrance will seal and you will have to contend with some spectres; despite being partially invisible they are identical to pinkies and have the same weaknesses. The spectres will be followed by imps, cacodemons, mancubi and then a baron; once they are all dead, leave the hall and step into the now-open teleporter to leave the area.

Follow the passage past a monolith and you will find yourself back at the blue door area where a Berserk powerup has appeared, which will help you tear through the imps, mancubi, summoner and baron that teleport into the area. Once the baron is killed, use the blue skull to unlock its door and enter the red teleporter behind it to finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

Past the yellow door is a false skull switch; a staircase descends as you approach it, taking you down to an arena. After you clear the arena and press the skull switch, go back to the entrance (now sealed with a gate) to find a lever that you can pull to open the gate and allow you to backtrack. Go back to the toxic room that had the invulnerability and turn right as you enter it to see that a wall has opened, revealing the entrance to Doom's E1M8: Phobos Anomaly behind it. You can use the elevator behind the nukage pool to reach a box of bullets and several stimpacks, and if you go down the stairs and open the brightly-lit wall at the bottom you will uncover a supercharge pickup (which is actually a mega health).


Trick Shot
Kill a lost soul with another lost soul.
Shooting at a lost soul as it charges towards you should send it flying backwards until it hits an obstacle and explodes. If another lost soul is in its path, this should tick off the challenge.
Atop the Mountain
Perform a "Death from Above" glory kill on a baron of Hell (attack from above).
There are four barons in this level. The first two are found in the arena containing the quad damage powerup, but these are not very convenient because there are two of them and because it is a protracted battle. The third baron appears much later, in the hall with the blue skull; this is a more convenient location as there are many platforms to jump from, but since the baron is the last enemy the checkpoint will be immediately overwritten even if you fail the glory kill. The last baron appears in the blue door area at the end of the level; it is the easiest one because you only need to kill it with the Berserk powerup and it will count as a glory kill. If you make a mistake, just reload before the animation is complete.
Kill 20 demons while using power-ups.


The second monolith is placed at a T-junction. Turn left after reaching it to find a tunnel leading to a secret mega health pickup.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Keenguy BFG-9000 In the second arena with the quad damage pickup, go to where you found that item and head up to the top of the slope next to it. Turn right when you reach the top of the slope and head straight forward until you reach Keenguy.
Silverguy Cyberdemon In the blue door area you can use a nearby jump pad to get to the floor above. Jump over both stone pillars here to reach a ledge on the other side of the hall, then turn left and jump to another ledge that has Silverguy on it.

Other items[edit]

Item How to find
Monolith #1 (Artifacts - Slayer's Testament #4) As you approach the giant skull at the start of the level you will see a tree on your right. The monolith is next to this tree.
Elite guard #1 Once you get inside the first temple you will see a bridge over some toxic slime. There is a skull switch under the bridge that will open a wall ahead and to your right, letting you reach an elite guard behind it.
Combat support drone In the first temple you may see a combat drone behind the right-hand fence. After killing the mancubus in the next area the back wall of this chamber will lower, allowing you to reach the drone.
Elite guard #2 At the back of the slime room containing the invulnerability powerup.
Argent cell Unsealing the yellow door will also open a gate to its right; the cell container is behind this gate.
Datapad #1 (Monsters - Pinky #2) In the same room as the Argent cell.
Monolith #2 (Artifacts - Slayer's Testament #5) After using the third teleporter, go round the corner to find this monolith.
Datapad #2 (UAC Personnel - Olivia Pierce #3) By the Titan's Core teleporter.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start at the bottom of the hole in front of the normal start point, and finish the level as normal. After picking up the yellow skull key, the exit door will open immediately instead of waiting for the crusher trap to finish.


  1. Across the bridge at the top of the stairs near the start point.
  2. Floating around the middle level of the arena with the first teleporter.
  3. Floating around the bottom level of the arena with the second teleporter.
  4. Floating around the blood pool near the blue door.
  5. Floating around the middle level of the arena with the crushing block.
  6. In the hallway leading to the blue key.


  1. A collectible sits above the top level of the arena with the second teleporter. Use a jump pad to get to that level then jump to a stone support with a shield pickup on it; from here you will have enough height to jump to the collectible.
  2. In the arena with the crushing block, get on top of the crusher as it drops and you will be able to jump to a collectible next to it.