Unto the Evil

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Digital cover art.

Unto the Evil is the first of three pre-planned multiplayer downloadable content packs for Doom (2016), released by Bethesda simultaneously for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One world-wide on August 4, 2016.[1] As of July 19, 2017, the DLC package has been merged into the base game and is available to all players without a separate purchase.[2]


Doom (2016) DLC
Season Pass

New maps[edit]

  • Cataclysm, a UAC space station with a permanent portal to Hell. Players can move back and forth from Hell to the station.
  • Offering, an ancient temple and fortress built atop a pool of Argent energy. Hell environments, lava, and deadly voids are featured.
  • Ritual, a frozen wasteland located at the Martian polar core. The UAC has performed cult-like experiments using a nearby demonic artifact, which can be activated to engulf enemy players in hellfire.


The harvester is added to the demon rune. The harvester is similar in appearance to the summoner, consumes souls using lightning energy, and can perform a powerful ranged attack.

Weapons and items[edit]

  • The EMG Mark V pistol is a fast-firing sidearm. Its secondary fire allows the weapon to be charged for a more powerful shot.
  • The kinetic mine is proximity activated, and launches toward its target when triggered. It creates a blast area on impact.



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