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Greetings from sunny Colorado!

I was about one year old when shareware Doom first came out (so I'm almost 16), and am growing up in the current Quake 4 & Halo 3 style games. I discovered Classic Doom about a year ago, and have been in love with it ever since. My friends still tease me about it, but they accept it, and one plays occasionally (and very badly =).

I mostly made my Wikia account to correct a few errors I've found while browsing the site, along with a general desire to improve this wiki.

Oh, and to help a poor newbie out, I have a question. In the "recent changes" sidebar, there's a number, green if it's positive, red if it's in the negative. What exactly does that mean (please post the answer to THAT in the discussion page). Thanks.

Contributions so far:

  • Created the Spawn cube article.
  • Added more tips in the Tips for creating good WADs article.
  • Created the Shawn green article.
  • Created the Jay wilbur article.
  • Obliterated all hope of reason on the "Recent changes" sidebar with constant, little changes when I notice a misspelling in one of my new articles.