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Freedoom v0.1 - 0.6.3 music credits. Please help identify Metabolist's plagiarized MIDIs (marked as unknown in bold italics or in italics if found)! If you spot one, comment it on the talk page for this. :)

Track Name Composer(s) Level
Running from Evil (remix) Robert Prince & Csabo MAP01 -
The Healer Stalks (remix) Robert Prince & Csabo MAP02 -
The Heroic Battle Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP03 ph-countd.mid
Between Levels (remix) Robert Prince & Csabo MAP04 -
Mists Over the Mire Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP05 ph-doom.mid
Dark Trail Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP06 ph-the_da.mid
Riders of Hell Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP07 ph-shawn.mid
Bell Tower Contemplations Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP08 ph-ddtblu.mid
Night Bats Mark Klem & Sam Woodman (Metabolist) MAP09 fdoom9.mid
Death's Embrace Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP10 ph-dead.mid
unknown unknown MAP11 fdoom11.mid
unknown (MAP04 + MAP15 theme) unknown MAP12 fdoom12.mid
unknown unknown MAP13 fdoom13.mid
unknown unknown MAP14 fdoom14.mid
Suspense (remix) Robert Prince & Sam Woodman (Metabolist) MAP15 fdoom15.mid
The Demon's Dead (remix) Robert Prince & Tom White (Hyena) MAP16 d_dead2.mus
Surrounded Panic Vincent Fong (Vicious) MAP17 d_stlks3.mid
Waiting for Romero to Play (remix) Robert Prince & Tom White (Hyena) MAP18 d_romero.mus
Deceit Julian Aubourg (Julian Hope) MAP19 -
Message for the Archvile (remix) Robert Prince & Sam Woodman (Metabolist) MAP20 fdoom20.mid
untitled (MAP14 theme) Jim Lynch, Ellsworth Hall & Sam Woodman (Metabolist) MAP21 fdoom21.mid
Impending Death Rich Nagel (Weeds) & Sam Woodman (Metabolist) MAP22 fdoom22.mid
Bye Bye American Pie (remix) Robert Prince & Sam Woodman (Metabolist) MAP23 fdoom23.mid
Balancing Act Andrew Bassett (AndrewB) MAP24 -
Adrian's Asleep (remix) Robert Prince & Sam Woodman (Metabolist) MAP25 fdoom25.mid
unknown unknown MAP26 fdoom26.mid
unknown unknown MAP27 fdoom27.mid
Secured Pleasures (13 O'Clock) Jenna Ramsey & Sam Woodman (Metabolist) MAP28 fdoom28.mid
unknown unknown MAP29 fdoom29.mid
Paranoia Tyler P. (Picklehammer) MAP30 ph-openin.mid
Evil Reborn (remix of "Evil Incarnate" from Doom II) Robert Prince & Tom White (Hyena) MAP31 d_evil.mid
Low Wayne Dean (Captain Mellow) MAP32 -
Warpath Tyler P. (Picklehammer) Title screen ph-dm2ttl.mid
Burn the Bodies Tyler P. (Picklehammer) Intermission screen ph-dm2int.mid
Death Tells a Story Tom White (Hyena) Text screen d_read_m.mid