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I'm a devil girl who's obsessed with Doom 3, among other games. I'm now trying my best to document everything I can about Doom 3 and improve most of its articles here.

The things I've done so far:

- made screenshot galleries and titlepics for all Doom 3 and RoE levels (for the original version only);

- made item and monster appearance statistics for all Doom 3 and RoE levels, both for the original and the BFG versions;

- made or improved summaries for all Doom 3 and RoE levels;

- made appearance statistics for each monster specifically (for Doom 3 and RoE);

- made Doom 3 supplies, ammo, and puzzle item pages, also added PDA icons to Doom 3 weapons pages.

My plans, mostly:

- finish making screenshots, monster/item appearance statistics, and summaries for The Lost Mission levels;

- finish making appearance statistics for each monster specifically by including TLM stats;

- also do appearance statistics for each item in the game;

- in the future maybe also make/improve pages on the well-known Doom 3 map packs, and find more ways to improve existing pages.

I'd be very grateful if someone is willing to help me with this stuff, because I'm pretty busy with RL stuff, so I'd appreciate any help. =)