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I'm a devil girl who's obsessed with Doom 3, among other games. I'm now trying my best to document everything I can about Doom 3 and improve most of its articles here.

The things I've done so far:

- made screenshot galleries for all Doom 3 levels (for the original version only);

- made titlepics for all Doom 3 and RoE levels (also for the original versions only);

- made item and monster appearance statistics for all Doom 3 levels, both for the original and the BFG versions;

- made or improved summaries for all Doom 3 levels;

- made appearance statistics for each monster specifically (only for Doom 3);

- made Doom 3 supplies, ammo, and puzzle item pages, also added PDA icons to Doom 3 weapons pages.

My plans, mostly:

- finish making screenshots, monster/item appearance statistics, and summaries for RoE levels;

- do the same for The Lost Mission;

- make screenshots for all the levels in the BFG edition and maybe also make additional screens for levels I've already done galleries for;

- finish making appearance statistics for each monster specifically, by including RoE and TLM stats;

- also do appearance statistics for each item in the game;

- in the future also make/improve pages on the well-known Doom 3 map packs.

I'd be very grateful if someone is willing to help me with this stuff, because I'm pretty busy with RL stuff, so I'd appreciate any help. =)