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Who is this guy?[edit]

Hi, I'm lokbustam257, forget that capitalize L on my name, it is the wiki effect. Currently I have been writing for some popular PWADs that for some reason, isn't available on this wiki. My other aliases in case you interested: VideoGamer1000, LokBustam, lokbustam, bustam, lokbustam257, Epic_Gamer2013.

List of PWAD pages that I made[edit]

Here you can find PWAD pages that I made, if you are interested for whatever reason

TO-DO list[edit]

I'll make these if I have some free time (or I'm in my computer laptop) or I'm bored and got nothing to do

  • Russian Overkill
  • Nobody Told me About id
  • Doom 2 In Spain Only
  • WOOO 3
  • Doom Delta
  • Brutalist Doom
  • High Noon Drifter
  • Treasure Tech
  • Doom RL Arsenal
  • Blade of Agony (is it "WolfenDoom" or "Wolfenstein"?)
  • Doomworld Mega Project 2018 It's done! Click here to view it (thanks to Dynamo128 for making it! and yes, the redlink was not an accident)
  • GMOTA: Get Medieval on Their Asses
  • Lt. Typhon
  • Doom the Way We Remember It (or Doom 1 Recreated from Memory)
  • Doom 2 the Way We Remember It (can you guess why I'm putting this in the list?)

Have a question? Just ask it right now! I usually will respond in 2-3 hours, though not guaranteed.[edit]