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This is a Doom wiki user page! Please try not to edit here unless completely necessary. If you need to message me (Who is like God?) about something related to the wiki, you're quite welcome to use the associated user talk page. Thanks!

If the soul of the dead be a lost soul it knows its doom.
~ Fiona Macleod, "The Sin-Eater"

Personal editing tendencies[edit]

Like most wiki contributors, I have my preferred editing subjects and inclinations due to my particular knowledge and playing habits; this list presents a general idea:

  • I'm more competent with PC DOOM and DOOM II topics, over other games.
  • I generally prefer topics that relate to the games themselves, over add-ons.
  • I have considerable knowledge of version 1.9 engine quirks.
  • I am very familiar with demo recordings and speedrunning.
  • I am also pretty familiar with the multiplayer aspects of the games.
  • I am perhaps more of an editor than an entry writer or starter.
  • I tend to take rewriting inconsistent, unclear, or messy paragraphs to task.
  • I'm quite observant in regard to organization, grammar, and terminology.
  • I'm a relatively bold editor, yet quite fond of discussing options.

If you find that any edits I make don't seem correct or have errors, go ahead and make an edit or a comment on the appropriate talk page (or on mine), and if you see some change I made (a move or such) affects some of your contributions or other stuff, go ahead and let me know and, assuming there wasn't a problem with my change in the first place, I'll help tidy it up till it's fixed.

Things on my to-do list[edit]

  • Enhancing the articles about the monsters from DOOM and DOOM II.
  • Restructuring and expanding the version-related articles related to the PC games.
  • Fleshing out the PC DOOM game articles (The Ultimate DOOM, for example).
  • Editing capitalized technical terms (such as lumps) to teletype font.
  • Editing command-line parameters within article texts to teletype font.
  • Improving multiplayer articles; at least making separate Cooperative and Deathmatch pages.
  • Making sure technical articles deal with the core game first (such as linedef types).
  • Checking on thing classes; could be both more informative and less redundant.
  • Going over articles using the old names, embellish them as they are updated.
  • Writing article on command line parameters, each of which can be linked to.
  • Add an article dealing with Dooms static limits (to go with limit removing).

In the community at large[edit]

I am known as myk at the forums on Doomworld, where I have posted for quite a while. In regard to the games in general, I'm inclined towards the more classic and purist activities and events, and have been involved in a number of projects through the years, mostly providing support, testing, and input. I have also been editing the English Wikipedia a bit, checking up the DOOM related articles as well as a few other subjects.

~ Who is like God?