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Codebase ADoom 0.2
Developer(s) Frank Wille
Initial release 0.1 (January 1998, 26 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform Amiga (68k)
License Doom Source License

VDoom68K was a early source port of Doom for the Amiga based on ADoom version 0.2. It was created by Frank Wille, who also created the more advanced PowerPC based version, VDoomPPC.


VDoom68K only had a single release, version 0.1, released somewhere in January 1998. It was based on ADoom 0.2 which got released on January 1, 1998, but its changes from that version are unknown due to available links being defunct.


  • All features from ADoom 0.2:
    • 320x200 (same as Linux Doom)
    • Works with ECS and AGA
    • Sound support
    • Joystick support
    • AmiTCP network support (experimental)


VDoom68K requires a Amiga with AmigaOS 3.0+ and 68020 (020) processor with 6MB of RAM, making it one of the lighter Amiga ports.

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