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VanillaDM, previously known as DOSBoxDoomNetplay - Quick Edition, is both a GUI launcher and a multiplayer utility made by Hypnotoad. It seeks to improve vanilla Doom multiplayer sessions when using the DOSBox MS-DOS emulator through a collection of tightly configured programs running underneath the VanillaDM GUI.


VanillaDM was first conceived on August 9, 2013 [1] and was then known as DOSBoxDoomNetplay - Quick Edition but it was then abandoned due to running into problems in working with Visual Studio. A second release followed a year later on August 20, 2014 in a Doomworld forums post, changing the name to its current iteration. The last and final released followed on September 30, 2014 in this post, mainly to fix an issue where people joining with a custom source port could not join.


The opening screen of VanillaDM, showcasing the settings that can be modified before hosting a multiplayer game through vanilla Doom.

Setting up multiplayer through vanilla Doom requires the user having a sufficient knowledge of DOSBox configuration parameters along with sufficient knowledge of IPX and UDP ports. VanillaDM automates these steps including several programs in its package:

  • A folder called DOOMIPX containing the following:
    • A modified version of IPXSETUP that allows for a master/slave relationship allowing the master to pass all parameters to the other nodes, rather than everyone having to specify the same parameters
    • A modified version of DOOM.EXE, v1.9 properly set up
    • Dwango
    • DeathManager!
  • A preconfigured and modified DOSBox 0.74, dated June 12, 2010 with source code included
  • Dwango5 WAD is included for deathmatch play in the pwad folder, and where additional PWADs should be placed

A Doom or Doom II IWAD needs to be placed in the DOOMIPX folder. You can then specify the parameters in the GUI if you are the host or connect to another host, using its IP address and VanillaDM then configures everything automatically. An additional settings page allows the user to further refine the settings of the DOSBox core. This greatly reduces the steps that needed to be undertaken to enable multiplayer, making the usage of DOSBox feel and act more like a proper source port.


  • Up to four players (Same as vanilla)
  • Co-op supported
  • Dedicated setup button to launch the Setup program of Doom, v1.7
  • Features from DOSBox 0.74, toggable in VanillaDM through the Settings tab
    • Correct aspect ratio
    • Custom resolution configuration
    • Ability to record demo's
    • Various renderers (Overlay, Surface, DirectDraw, OpenGL, OpenGLNB). Overlay is recommended
    • Scaler option, essentially filters to enable more grainy pixels or refined, softer color gradients

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  1. Doomworld forums thread