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This level occupies the map slot MAP01. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP01.

Void is a single-level PWAD by Mike Watson (Cyb). It uses the music tracks "It's Night Forever" by DipA for the title screen, introduction scene, and victory screen, and "Exquisite" by Andreas Viklund of TSEC through the playable part.


The UAC is performing gateway experiments again. They accidentally teleport a cyberdemon into the lab, but before the cyberdemon can kill the player and a scientist at the console, the entire scene is frozen by the Heresiarch. It then proceeds to send all of the marines (both dead and alive) and the cyberdemon into a mysterious and rather surreal dimension. The level finally starts with the player falling a long way down and taking falling damage.


Void is notorious for its heavy emphasis on jumping and avoiding traps. The level is difficult to complete without saving.

The afrit, dark bishop, reiver, and heresiarch, all enemies from Hexen, make appearances in this wad. There are also some new enemies: the dark imp (which essentially behaves like the undead warrior from Heretic, having two separate projectile attacks) and also spiders. The fist is much more powerful than Doom's normal fist; in fact it is the Hexen fighter's Spiked Gauntlets weapon combined with the Doom graphics. The unmaker, a weapon mentioned in the Doom Bible and Doom 64, makes an appearance here. The weapon works like Heretic's Phoenix Rod. It shoots demon hearts which cause large impact damage with a moderate splash radius. Ammo for the unmaker comes from slain demons.


Map of Void
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


The bulk of Void, after the (skippable) introduction, takes place in a chessboard-themed land of puzzles. The objective is to gather three skull keys to open the way to the lair of the Heresiarch and defeat it. There are several platforming sections, in which falling often means game over; in particular falling into the sky causes you to switch to an external camera and watch your character drifting away in the endless void. Save often!

Red key

You start the game wounded and with black and white imps moving to intercept you. Dispatch them. You can punch to conserve ammo, given the fist attack has been strengthened. To the east is a rotating tube behind which you can see three barred metal frames. To the west is a lower room with damaged flooring and a closed exit door. To the north is a FIREBLU portal, currently closed. To the south are wooden doors, open them. You'll find a shotgun and some more chessboard imps. Continue through another doorway to arrive in a room decorated with marble demon faces. There is a switch embedded in the demon face on the northern wall, after using it you will see a short cutscene showing the first frame beyond the tube open up, then you have to deal with two afrits who just woke up. Go to the tube and run through the first frame.

You arrive in a library. At the end of the room, another afrit awaits you. There is a simple switch puzzle, in a wall near the mirrors is an iron mask switch, using it reveals another switch nearby, which reveals a third, then a fourth. The fourth teleports you atop the marble cube in the demon face room. From your elevated position, jump to the ledge in front of you, marked with a red triangle on its floor. (If you miss the jump and fall, you'll have to go to back to the library switch to get back up.) This lowers the demon face in front of you and reveals three afrits.

You enter then the upside-down cloister, the first section with difficult platforming. The cloister forms an upside-down T shape. The north goes back to the demon face room, the east is the altar room, and the west is the courtyard. Go to the courtyard and jump across its treacherous obstacles. On the other end, you will find a dark bishop awaiting you in a well on the ceiling (or rather, the upside-down floor), after killing it the red skull key will fall from the same well, and a couple of afrits will wake up.

Navigate to the altar room where two more bishops await you, and after another treacherous crossing, you can activate a switch, watch a giant demon skull move into position, and your red skull gets placed on the altar. After that, you see the second frame beyond the tube open up. As you go back to the tube, you will see the demon face room is now flooded by bloodfalls.

Blue key

Crossing the second frame teleports you back to the library, but the ceiling raised and you are now on an upper room, overlooking the lower area where the first frame sent you. Turn immediately back to explore the bookshelves on the east, you will find a dark bishop guarding a switch. Activating the switch lowers the bars of the FIREBLU portal in the start room, but also makes the bookshelves go crazy as they will start trying to squish you. Hurry out of this trap, jump down to the lower floor, and leave the library through the switch. Then go to the start room and cross the portal.

You arrive in a colorless area guarded by two bishops. Moving past them, you make your first encounter with dark imps. After climbing a cliff, you find a chaingun and are lowered into a room where you will find a survivor. After a short conversation, activate the switch to the north, and jump on the moving pillars. Three dark bishops will try to distract you, you can visit their niches for some health and ammo. You should reach a corridor, once you do, beware: it is full of instant-death traps. At the end of the trapped corridor, you can see an arena through a small window. Beware! Touching the arena's floor will trigger a cutscene with the cyberdemon from the introduction falling from the sky. You can pick up a soul sphere and a plasma rifle in the arena, and after you defeat the cyberdemons, four bridge things will appear, allowing you to jump on them and claim the blue skull key. Picking it up will teleport you back to the trapped corridor.

As you get back to the survivor, a bad surprise awaits you: a reiver teleports right in your buddy's back and kills him. Dispatch the undead and use the blue skull to activate the south wall, it rotates and moves away, allowing you to access a portal that leads back to the start room. Some new imps are spawned to welcome you back. Move to the tube, then the library, and then the upside-down cloister again to bring your blue skull to the altar. The third teleport frame beyond the tube opens up.

Yellow key

Cross the last frame beyond the tube. Once again, the library's ceiling has risen up to reveal another upper ledge, on which you now are, as well as several monsters right in your back. Cross the portal on the western wall. You arrive in a small room with the yellow skull key right behind bars. You can't reach it, however you can step on a contraption to the south of the room. As you do so, you watch a cutscene showing your character being shrunk to the size of a mouse. (Technically, you are merely teleported to a giant duplicate of the tiny room.) Take advantage of your tiny size to explore the mouse hole nearby. You will meet your first spider (technically, an arachnotron). Beware, they attack like barons do, throwing green balls of balefire at you. Climb the cliff, cross a platforming section, and fight another spider, this will let you reach the yellow skull. However, it is too big to pick up. Notice the iron mask switch, and notice that you reach a small passage between the switch and the northern wall. Go through this passage, and you will see a box at the back of the switch. Use the box to remove its cover and you'll notice it is missing a cog; this is why the switch doesn't work. Explore the passage to the east. After an intense fight against several spiders, then against the spider queen, you are rewarded with a cog. Reach the green particle fountain to teleport back up to the switch box, place the cog, navigate to the front of the switch, use it, and the bars will lower. Jump down, climb back on the size change platform, become normal-sized again (technically: teleported back to the small room), and pick up the yellow skull. Go through the portal to return to the library. To jump down to the lowest floor of the library without taking falling damage, you can jump on a metal column below. Use the switch as before to get back to the demon face room and navigate to the altar to place your last skull key on it. The unmaker appears, a weapon which basically works like a rocket launcher, except the rockets are invisible. Pick it up, two demons appear just in time for you to discover that they drop "demon hearts" which are used as ammo for the unmaker. It also lowers the marble cube in the demon face room.

Evil player clone

A teleporter platform appeared on the lowered demon cube. Go there (beware, an arch-vile awaits you) and step on it. You arrive in a red and white checkerboard room where red and white checkerboard demons wait dormant. They awaken when you activate the switch in the middle of the room, but this also deprives you of your weapons! Punch all the demons to get a new wave, and after the new wave is also dispatched, the door open to a room where all your lost weapons await you. Pick up all the demon hearts and then go grab your weapons back. Of course, it is an ambush and you get attacked by a flock of cacodemons and two barons.

There are two puzzle rooms, on the north and on the south. The puzzles are not especially complex. In the north room, you need to step on sky tiles to get them to imitate the pattern which surrounds the tiles. If you mess up, a switch next to the door reset it. Successfully completing the puzzle opens niches full of reivers, each niche containing a switch you have to activate. In the south room, you need to make the switches on the wall match the pattern on the floor, each switch being togglable as often as you need. Solving this simple puzzle spawns a bunch of reivers and raises a small pyramid. Once both rooms are solved, a third room opens on the eastern wall, in which an evil clone of yourself awaits you. Functionally, this clone is Zedek. Although his attacks make the super shotgun sound, they are (invisible) projectiles, not hitscan, so they can be dodged if you are fast enough. After his demise, a pillar of water rises. Climb on it and you'll be thrown back to the start room.

Heresiarch's lair

The exit portal on the west is now open. Cross it to be teleported to a foggy cliff. Climb it down carefully by always looking below you to seek the nearest platform; this will also allow you to pick up health and ammo as you go. Once you reach the bottom, you can restock a bit and open a doorway to the final arena. After activating the switch and defeating, you face off against the Heresiarch. Beware of its invulnerability spell, when active it is pointless to attack it. More monsters, ammo, and health are regularly spawned, so the fight can last for a long time but a good player should eventually be able to overcome the boss. The death of the Heresiarch opens the exit.

Other points of interest


  1. The first secret is hard to miss. After coming back from having placed the second skull key on the altar, one of the demon face walls will lower in the marble cube room, revealing an arch-vile. Jumping to the arch-vile's niche counts as a secret, and allows you to retrieve some ammunition and a medikit. (sector 276)
  2. The second secret is better hidden. After defeating the evil player clone, a Hexen-style iron mask switch will raise in the starting room with the chessboard imps, behind the center north metal pillar. Activating it teleports you to a ledge overlooking the exit of the first exit, where you will find a megasphere. (sector 96)
  3. The third secret is found in the final area, after leaving the chessboard puzzle world. As you climb down the cliff by falling from platform to platform, be on the lookout for a platform holding a blur artifact. If you examine carefully your surroundings after each "step" down, it should be easy to find; however there are no routes back up the cliff, so if you miss it the first time, it is gone. (thing 548, Hexen's "secret trigger" object)


The first cyberdemon at the blue key sometimes fires before the entrance cutscene finishes. This means certain death for the player, who cannot move.

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Current records

The records for the map at the Doomed Speed Demos Archive are:

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UV speed 14:53 Cacodemon Leader 2005-11-23 void98cl.zip
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UV max 21:51 Cacodemon Leader 2003-11-02 clvoid52.zip
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UV -respawn
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UV pacifist

Last updated on September 30, 2017.

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Map data

Things 676
Vertices 5449*
Linedefs 6259
Sidedefs 10642
Sectors 1077
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 5449.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

Technical information

Custom things are mapped as follows:

Non-Doom things, including enemies, are spawned rather than being placed in the map from the beginning, mostly by script 100. Regardless of skill settings, the scripts will create one Heresiarch, 11 "FireDemon" (afrits), 6 "BishopStatue", 9 "Bishop" (dark bishops), 14 "Knight" (undead warriors), 11 "Wraith" (reiver), one "FighterBoss" (Zedek), 8 imps, 10 demons, one red skull key, one phoenix rod, and one huge yellow skull key.

All demons are flagged to run a script when killed which spawns a "demon heart" item. When picked up, the demon heart executes a script that gives the player one phoenix rod ammo unit, so in essence the demon hearts become ammo pickups for the unmaker.

During the final fight against the Heresiarch, the game will also spawn a potentially unlimited amount of pairs of reivers, and the Heresiarch itself can summon a potentially unlimited amount of dark bishops. Therefore, if the "smart totals" option is off, the end-of-level kill percentage may become inflated.

Inspiration and development

Void was largely inspired by American McGee's Alice; the ACS source code file was named alice.acs and is included as the ALICE lump in the wad.

Some dialogue and voice acting is borrowed from Half-Life, including the introduction scenes.

One of the puzzles was adapted from a puzzle in RTC-3057.


  • The player's TID is set to 1337.
  • The evil player clone has a TID of 666.


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