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WebTV displaying Doom title screen

Doom for WebTV Plus was a commercial source port of Doom to the WebTV Plus set-top box platform.

The game was only available on EchoStar Dishplayer 500, 7100, and 7200 models, and consisted of the shareware version of the game included as a demonstration of the unit's technological capabilities. The game had to be initially downloaded to the unit by accessing the WebTV-specific URI action="wtv-disk:/content/DownloadScreen.tmpl?diskmap=Doom". After that, it could be launched any number of times using the URI action="client:boota?partition=DoomROM&size=5242880&source=file://disk/Doom/approm.o&onfail", but only while logged into the WebTV Network.

With the discontinuation of the WebTV service by Microsoft and its affiliates, it is unlikely that any surviving copies of the game remain playable.