Wolfenstein 3D 1st Encounter

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Wolfenstein 3D 1st Encounter
Title screen
Author Laz Rojas
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 1996
Link Doomworld/idgames
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Wolfenstein 3D 1st Encounter is a three-level PWAD that was released in 1996. It was designed by Laz Rojas and was released as part of the WolfenDOOM collection.

The WAD was originally released containing three levels, a re-creation of the first three levels of the Mac version of Wolfenstein. It was re-released later in 1996 with a new level added at the start, as well as changes to the other three levels.

The original release contains five separate .wad files that should be loaded together. The updated release only contains an update of 1st_enc.wad (the file which contains the levels).


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