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==Release gallery==
==Release gallery==
<gallery mode="nolines">
Hell To Pay Cover.png|Hell to Pay
Hell To Pay Cover.png|Hell to Pay
Perdgate front.jpg|Perdition's Gate
Perdgate front.jpg|Perdition's Gate

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Wraith Corporation was a team of PWAD authors incorporated to create a custom WAD for Doom II and then sell it after obtaining a license from id Software. During the development of their project Hell to Pay, Tom Mustaine approached them with a personal project created alongside his father, Perdition's Gate, which had earlier been offered to id as a part of Final Doom, but was turned down on account of the "window of opportunity" having been declared closed.

Wraith Corporation assisted in finishing the Perdition's Gate megawad while Mustaine aided them in polishing their own. Both projects became commercial releases with WizardWorks as publisher in 1996, the same year id published Final Doom. Demo versions of both were featured as bonus content on WizardWorks' D!ZONE Gold compilation disc.




Release gallery[edit]