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Standard Doom, Boom, Heretic, Hexen
Codebase ZDaemon 1.04, ZDoom 2.0.47, ZDoomGL (v2) 0.74
Developer(s) Nightfang
Initial release 1.04 (2003-06-02, 19 years ago)
Latest release 1.04 (2003-06-02, 19 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C++
Target Platform Windows, Cross-Platform (Server Only)
License Doom Source License, 3-point BSD, others

ZDaemonGL was a fork of the ZDaemon source port, made by Nightfang. It was an experimental build that replaced the older ZDoom 1.23 based core with a more modern version of ZDoom, namely version 2.0.47. It also added a OpenGL renderer, courtesy of ZDoomGL.


The one and only version of ZDaemonGL was released on June 2, 2003. Spurred by a request on the ZDaemon forums and with the announcement of ZDaemon 2.0 including an OpenGL renderer, Nightfang made his own hybrid fork that brought several codebases together.


Due to the hybrid nature, ZDaemonGL was not very polished when it was released. The combination of network code from ZDoom 1.23, ZDoom 2.0 code and an unstable OpenGL renderer meant that ZDaemonGL had shaky performance in real-world conditions. Because the fork was merely experimental, Nightfang postponed any further development.


  • All features from ZDaemon 1.04, ZDoom 2.0.47 and ZDoomGL (v2) 0.74
  • Merges network code from ZDoom 1.23
  • OpenGL 1.2 renderer courtesy of ZDoomGL (v2) 0.74
    • Spherical environment mapping on mirrors
    • JDoom style hires textures
    • Software-style depth fogging
    • In game switchable renderer
    • Anisotropic texturing
    • Image processing for textures

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Source code genealogy
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ZDaemon 1.04 ZDaemonGL None
ZDoom 2.0.47
ZDoomGL (v2) 0.74