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ZDaemon CTF is a series of Capture the Flag mapsets released in 2004/2005. It was a set of maps designed for the then newly-released Capture the Flag gamemode for ZDaemon.

ZDaemon CTF[edit]

This pack was spearheaded in 2004 by Lexi Mayfield (LexiMax), after getting a glimpse of the in-development CTF gamemode for ZDaemon and realizing that they needed maps at release to go with the gamemode. Lexi made MAP02, MAP08, MAP07 and MAP09 before enticing external contributors and rounding out the map pack.

Map Slot Title Author
MAP01 Fortress Collision Rellik, Washu, LexiMax
MAP02 Refineries Leximax
MAP03 Exophase Exl
MAP04 Ralphis Magical Ice Forts Ralphis
MAP05 Blood and Water Bloodlust
MAP06 Cursed ATG_Death
MAP07 The Excavation LexiMax
MAP08 Something Epic LexiMax
MAP09 Frozen LexiMax
MAP10 Outer Limits LexiMax

ZDaemon CTF Map Pack II[edit]

The wild success of the CTF gamemode with the release of ZDaemon 1.06 spurred the compilers into assembling a second map pack relatively quickly.

Map Slot Title Author
MAP11 Tribute LexiMax
MAP12 SubTerra Exl
MAP13 Twice as Simple Nestea
MAP14 Sanguinary Longshot EarthQuake
MAP15 Sewers Smell Bad Nestea
MAP16 Return to Phobos Exl
MAP17 Burn it with Fire LexiMax
MAP18 The Old Castle Nestea
MAP19 UAC Headquarters SirTimberWolf and EarthQuake
MAP20 On the Bowl Snowbro

ZDaemon CTF Map Pack III[edit]

This pack was assembled in 2005 by EarthQuake, to round out the project as a whole to 30 maps.

Map Slot Title Author
MAP21 On The Rocks Exl
MAP22 Mainstay LexiMax and EarthQuake
MAP23 Return to Fragport The Ultimate DooMer
MAP24 Crawl Space EarthQuake
MAP25 Lethal Industry Da_maniaC
MAP26 Status: Idle Izm
MAP27 Exophase III Exl
MAP28 Rites of Passage EarthQuake and Izm
MAP29 Under Siege The Ultimate DooMer and EarthQuake
MAP30 No Limits LexiMax

ZDaemon CTF B-Sides[edit]

Before the version of ZDCTF3 that is known today, there was a ZDCTF3 in progress led again by LexiMax. However, there was a perceived dip in the quality of submissions and Lexi's own contribution turned out to be of dubious quality and much too big for standard player-counts. Thus, control of the pack was passed off to EarthQuake, who finished it.

However, a few years later, it was decided to assemble all of the scraps that had been sent from various contributors that never made it into the various packs into one big WAD, as a historical piece.

Map Slot Title Author
MAP31 Technocracy CodeImp
MAP32 Congestive Issues EarthQuake
MAP33 Mettle Mephisto
MAP34 Pier Pressure Izm
MAP35 The VG Museum Snowbro
MAP36 Subway Earthquake
MAP37 Exophase III (alternate version) Exl
MAP38 Deimos Reloaded UrHaSh and Fyre
MAP39 Under Siege (original version) The Ultimate DooMer
MAP40 Caliginous Unknown - possibly Mephisto
MAP41 Yalexa Snowbro
MAP42 Lesser Room Exl
MAP43 Twin Temples LexiMax
MAP44 Icecap Washu
MAP45 LaCTF Bloodlust
MAP46 Nightmoves Da_maniaC
MAP48 The Last Stand Nestea
MAP49 L.A. Rumble Shockwav3
MAP50 Inner Limits Exl - mistakenly credited to LexiMax
MAP51 Sol Earthquake
MAP52 Ghosts of Mars LexiMax and Earthquake

Anthology CTF[edit]

Anthology CTF is a project by HeX_Vulture that converts all of the ZDaemon CTF maps to use the cross-port CTF Standard that uses custom THING ids, as opposed to the original keycard/particle fountain arrangement. Additional, both Mainstay and No Limits from Map Pack III were updated by LexiMax.

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