100,000 Levels

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100,000 Levels
Title screen
Author Doomguy 2000
Port ZDoom
Year 2017
Link Doomworld/idgames

100,000 Levels is the sequel to 30,000 Levels by Doomguy 2000. Like its predecessor, all of the levels are of a square room and the main objective is to press the switch to exit the level. This wad comes with 100 more midis and a new ending upon completing the wad itself.


The original 100,000 Levels was in development back in January of 2012 where the author came up with the idea to push the Doom engine past its limitations when it comes to how many levels are in the wad. When the author got to 46,000 levels and couldn't load the wad properly and crashed frequently, the idea was scrapped and reduced to 30,000 Levels which came out instead. When Doomguy built his gaming PC back in 2017, he tested the loading time for 30,000 Levels which was when he was able to create the amount of levels he wanted to make back then. The author recommended a gaming PC with an Intel i7 processor to make the loading time go as fast as possible. The current 100,000 Levels which came out in 2017 added more new music and a different cast call from the prequel featuring characters from Doomguy's Warzone Platinum Edition and Magical Adventure to Heaven, which never materialized to this day.

Differences between the 2012 version and the 2017 version[edit]

  • The 2017 version contains 200 midis as composed to the original which was intended to have only 100.
  • Same ending as in 30,000 Levels than this version of 100,000 Levels which has a different ending.
  • Same cast call replacing the sprites and sounds of stock Doom 2 monsters because there was no cast call definition back then.
  • The original title header for 100,000 Levels was used in Millennia Invasion while it was replaced with a different one in 30,000 Levels with the right letters, the line is on the bottom instead of on top of the letters like the original.
  • The 2017 version's title header has correct number of levels in Roman numerals with the line above the C instead of below like the 2012 version.

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