1000 Lines 3: Community Project

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1000 Lines 3: Community Project
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2021
Link Doomworld forums thread
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2021 Cacowards on Doomworld!

1000 Lines 3: Community Project is a 34-level vanilla-compatible megawad for Doom II released in October 2021. It is the third entry in the series, following 2019's 1000 Line Community Project and 2020's 1000 Lines 2 - Community Project. Like its predecessors, all included levels have no more than 1000 linedefs. As before, the project was spearheaded by Philip Brown (Liberation) and once again utilized a vanilla-compatible version of the OTEX texture pack, compiled by Brown. The project features a largely original soundtrack composed by Brayden Hart (AD_79), Joshua O'Sullivan (Dragonfly) and Chris Leeson (Psyrus).

1000 Lines 3: Community Project was one of the recipients for the Cacowards in 2021.


You step through the portal after the last battle, ready for what lies ahead. However, Mars City was not what you were expecting... You have been here before, prior to the invasion.

It doesn't seem like things have changed much, but then you hated this place anyway.

Grabbing your new pistol, you walk once again into the city. Just need to avoid the "Salty Cydonian" pub this time around...


Custom content[edit]

The WAD makes extensive use of DeHackEd to add three new custom monsters, a new boss, a new weapon, ambient sound effects, various decorations, and several other custom changes to the game.

Plasma zombie
A cyborg humanoid that fires plasma at the player, using the arachnotron's attack, though at a 25% slower rate of fire and a four times higher chance than the arachnotron to continuing to fire once its target breaks line of sight. It has 50 health and drops plasma clips upon dying, containing half the ammo of an energy cell. It replaces the chaingunner and uses the ZSpecOps sprite set from the Realm 667 repository.
A modified Commander Keen with 60 HP that resembles the fire gargoyle from Heretic but with its body being black rather than bright red. It flies through the air and attacks by flinging cacodemon projectiles at the player, with its movement speed (the distance moved forward with each step) being double that of its Heretic counterpart, allowing it to close in very quickly on its target.
Hell Scorcher
A heavily-armored terminator that explodes upon death, doing blast damage to its surroundings. It has 500 HP and carries a flamethrower from which it fires a stream of eight fire projectiles in rapid succession at the player, each doing 5–40 damage. Although the fire stream has a limited range, at over 800 map units, its reach is nonetheless substantial enough to be a threat at mid-to-long distances. It replaces the dead lost soul and uses the sprites of the Terminator from the Realm 667 repository.
Big Boss
The final boss of the WAD; it has 350000 HP and a zero percent pain chance, making it pointless to try to kill it with conventional weaponry. Its attack consists of all of three of the different mancubus attack volleys fired at once, which it will repeat to fire every eight tics as long as its target remains in sight, creating a wall of fire that leaves no gaps for dodging at close range. Although it is confined to its platform, it will bully the player throughout the level with an incessant barrage of fireballs. It uses the sprites from the Behemoth from Hell-Forged.
Flame tower
This static object can neither be killed nor damaged and functions as an environmental obstacle. It starts to shoot a neverending, continuous stream of fireballs of the same kind as the ones fired by the Hell Scorcher as soon as it spots the player, thereby completely closing off the path in which it is positioned in until the player can block it off somehow. It replaces the monster spawner, while its fire projectiles are repurposed spawn cubes that fly towards the spawn spot they are targeted at, but with the ability to spawn monsters removed.
The cacodemon fires large, yellow balls of energy that do 4–32 damage but behaves otherwise identically to the vanilla version. Its sprites have been palette swapped, changing most of its body to dark green and its inside to orange.
Greater imp
An imp with more spikes and a dark brown color that replaces the normal imp, firing the same custom projectile as the cacodemon but lacking a melee attack; it is otherwise identical to the normal imp. It uses the sprite set of the Devil from the Realm 667 repository.
Ambient sound
The WAD makes use of invisible, non-solid sound-generating mobjs that are placed inside the maps to create the illusion of ambient sound effects. The actor constantly triggers its own pain state, which in turn continuously plays the ambient sound effect as its pain sound. There are three types being used: one plays rushing water, one plays jungle sounds, and one gives off a sort of droning noise made by electrical machinery.

The chaingunner replaces the Wolfenstein SS, making it drop clips instead of chainguns, and the lost soul has its health reduced to 50, making it possible to kill it reliably with a single shotgun blast. There are also various custom decorations that are added to the game, including smoke plumes, pillars, tech lamps, trees, bushes, grass, rocks, barrels, trash, sheep, chickens, and pigs.


The pistol has been given a reskin, a faster rate of fire as well as perfect accuracy with every shot. It sprites were taken from Complex Doom.
Assault rifle
The chaingun is replaced by the assault rifle, which has a slightly faster rate of fire as well as the same accuracy as the modified pistol. Its sprites were taken from Complex Doom.
The refire speed of the shotgun has been increased by about 1/10 of a second, though the upgrade feels more substantial in-game.

The raise and lower states of all weapons are set to one tic (1/35th of a second), meaning that switching between weapons happens almost instantaneously. Furthermore, all weapons give off a distinct click sound when lowered, and the shotgun, super shotgun, and plasma gun have been given additional frames taken from Smooth Doom to enhance the visual fluidity of their animations during shooting and reloading. The idle animation speed of the chainsaw is also doubled.

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