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Doomworld’s 10 Sectors competition was held in 2000 and is widely regarded as one of the most successful editing competitions in the history of Doom. It was inspired by a similar competition in the Unreal community called the 5 cubes competition.

In turn, Aardappel (whose submission to this competition, created with WadC, was chosen as one of two “special interest” levels) organised the 100 Brush Competition in the Quake community.

The premise[edit]

The idea was simple: create the most interesting Doom 2 level you can using a mere 10 sectors.

The contest was organised by Linguica and judged by Andrew Bassett, Matthew Dixon (Mattrim), Martin Friberg (Cocoon), and Gaston Lahaut (Mordeth).

The results[edit]

Michal Mesko's map was judged the winner of this competition. The top three maps, 27 runners-up, and 2 "special mention" entries are available from an idgames archive mirror in the section /levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/, as 10sector.zip.

The remaining entries were collected together and released subsequently as 10 Sectors 2.


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