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Logo by James Paddock (Jimmy)

15 Years a Doomer was a mapping contest held from March 22 to March 29, 2021. The event was organized by James Paddock (Jimmy) to celebrate his 15th year anniversary in the Doom community.

A total of 43 entries were accepted.


  • 15 hours build time limit
  • Single-player
  • 300 monster limit
  • No Difficulty/co-op balancing is necessary
  • One single map per submission
  • Any map format as long as it runs in GZDoom or Eternity


  1. Mercurial City by Pinchy
  2. Joyful Raider by Pierrot
  3. Screams from the Slipgate Station by RonnieJamesDiner

Honorable Mentions[edit]

Special Awards[edit]

Jokeaward - Best Laugh[edit]

Styleaward - Best Use of Custom Assets[edit]

  • "Touch of Midas" by Crimson Dusk

Cuteaward - Best Doomcute[edit]

Memeaward - Best Meme Submission[edit]

Squareaward - Best Square Map[edit]

  • "This Floor Is Also Lava" by Scypek2

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