2048 Unleashed

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2048 Unleashed
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2015
Link Doomworld/idgames

2048 Unleashed, also known as Pcorf Community Project 2 is a 2015 megawad containing forty-nine boom-compatible levels for Doom II.

It was started on 17 January, 2015 by Paul Corfiatis, as a follow-up to his previous community project, released in 2011. This time, the playable area of maps was restricted to 2048x2048 map units, in the vein of projects such as Claustrophobia 1024 and MAYhem 2048. Like the first project, it overshot the 32 map limit. The overflow maps, which occupy the MAP33-49 slots, form the second episode "All Hope for Terror," which requires a port with MAPINFO support.

The finished WAD was uploaded to the /idgames archive on 19 November, 2015.


Final boss[edit]

A new final boss in the shape of a giant beating heart is present in MAP30 and MAP38. It replaces Commander Keen and has a massive 12000 hit points.

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